It is said that “if you have never set foot in any night market in Taiwan, that means that you have never come to Taiwan”. The night market is one of the most unique cultural characteristic of Taiwanese citizens.

Hi everyone, I am Dorothy Ann Tillett, from Belize. Coming to Taiwan has been an exciting journey which has taught me more than what I expected. One great aspect of Taiwan are the Night markets which is a very popular cultural event for both locals and tourist. There are too many night markets to count and visit.

This paper will briefly give an account of the Night Markets in Taiwan and what good and bad thing that are or could be found in the night market.  After the recommendation in the paper, suggesting will also be made to the night market culture of Taiwan. 

For the past six years of my student life in Taiwan, I’ve been living a life contrary to a life I’ve been raised in. I come from a country where in a general household, there can be more than ten people living together. I am raised in a home that is always crowded and noisy. You are never alone.  Living in a dormitory here in Taiwan; an environment where quietness is highly recommended as others might be sleeping or studying; it is unusual for me.

Taiwan’s night markets: “The colorful treasures in the heart of Asia”

If you leave Taiwan without visiting one of the night markets, you definitely missing out on a lot. I can not think of any place where I can recommend a friend or family member to experience the raw Taiwan spirit and energy than at a night market. Talking about local cuisine, culture, handicraft, fashion, art or just mingling with the locals, all at one place.

“When are all these people going to sleep, and why are all these children not in bed at this time?”  I was thinking to myself. Then I thought no, wrong thought pattern, the question should be “when are we going to sleep? What are we doing in town at this time of the night! That is because I am there as well, walking up and down the street and admiring the beauty of it all.

Ta Jia Hao. It’s my first time visiting Taiwan (thank you for ICDF Scholarship). My name is Apriliani Siburian,I come from Indonesia, I’m a master nursing student in National Taipei University Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS). At the first time I arrived in Taiwan, I don’t expect that this country will be so nice. I’m totally wrong.

When one travels, it is only natural to want to try the country’s gastronomy and experience its culture. If there is something I must say about the night markets in Taiwan is that they are the perfect place to achieve both of these things; it is an ideal place to go to for everyone wanting to experience the Taiwanese culture.

Night market in Taiwan is one the best place to spend your night life. There are over 100 night markets in Taiwan and there are many famous night markets such as Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Raohe Street Night Market in Taipei, Keelung Temple Night Market in Keelung and etc. Taiwanese night market is very famous for food. There are tons of different kind of food that you can find in the market including all kind of snacks and drinks.


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