I don’t mean to be harsh but my Chinese class was not one of my favorite subjects. It was a real struggle for me to attend Chinese as it was one class that I did not look forward to attend. I believe it was due to the hard time I had to grasp the different tones of the language. I never seem able to differentiate between all the tones. I was always confused between the first tone and the third tone. Overall, I had difficulty in just about every aspect of the Chinese language. I believe it’s a difficult language to learn and one which requires a lot of dedication.

Some other students also had a hard time grasping this language. One particular student attempted to make the class more exciting by asking the teacher questions on various topics. The teacher would then share with us topics such as Chinese tales and talk about her life when she was a child. She would even educate us about the Chinese culture, highlighting what is proper and impolite; and she also shared some of the Chinese superstitions.

As part of our classes, she allowed us to watch a Chinese movie ‘Not One Less.’ The movie was very sad but very much interesting. It related about this teenage girl who was responsible to teach some kids. She would be paid at the end of the school year if all students were still in school. One of the kids ran away from home because he had to go work in the city since they were poor and had bills to pay. The girl took it upon herself to go find the little boy and bring him back to school. She had trouble looking for the little boy and tried all sorts of things to locate him. Eventually, she found him through the use of the television station and took him back to school. In the end the school received some school supplies which they were in desperate need of.

Since I was unable to grasp the different tones of the mandarin language, I found a friend to assist me. We were attempting language exchange but it proved to be fruitless. We only met a few times as we were pretty busy with our other courses. I realized then that despite my efforts I would fail to learn the Chinese language.

Finally, I am glad that I don’t have to take any more Chinese classes. I was successful in my Chinese course but I am not willing to go any further with it especially since it is not compulsory.