After graduating as Bachelor of Ecology and Development at the Central America University in Nicaragua, I decided to continue study my master as soon as possible, however, at that time I had the joy to get a job immediately and I began to work with international cooperation projects in Nicaragua of the Global Environment Facility GEF, Dutch, Spanish and Taiwanese cooperation. These relationships allowed me to travel and learn many culture around the world including Taiwanese culture. The first time that I came to Taiwan was in the year 2006, invited by the Taiwanese government to participate in an international workshop about Geographic Information System (GIS) applied to urban Planning. It was an amazing experience enriching, I can confess at that moment was one of my best journey. When I came back to Nicaragua continued working and I did not realize how the time flies especially when you work in what you love. Finally decided to stop working and applied to study my master in two countries, Spain and Taiwan. Thank God I was selected by the two applications at the same time, and I had the privilege to choose and obviously decide for one of them and after evaluating the pros and cons, i chose Taiwan.

There are many reasons why I chose to study my master in Taiwan. I considered that Taiwan has an outstanding higher education system that provides me opportunity to develop my subject, the aforementioned I could see when I came to Taiwan the first time. National Central University NCU of Taiwan has been developing projects with Nicaragua relate to my subject and what better opportunity to receive knowledge from this university.

Another reason why I was encouraged to study in Taiwan is the opportunity to study my master in English language and as an extra plus to study the mandarin language

Learn about the culture, economy and particularly history, was what motivated to come to Taiwan. I love history and love reading books that tell real stories and one of the stories that I like is the evolution of China through the time, for being one of the oldest civilization in the world.

Nowadays I have 15 months to be here and have been a great experience, unique and different. I can say that Taiwanese people are very friendly and helpful toward foreigners and they are respectful with us. Make friends when you study abroad is very important and want to say that I have the privilege to meet with good friends who comes from different countries and share every day and to be far away from our home make us closer like a family. So far the life in Taiwan is safe and the food is cheap, that allow me saving money and travel around the island.

With almost 7 months to finish I have to say that ICDF/Taiwan has been generous with the scholarship, the money in my account has not failed, everything is already paid (book, courses, tuition cost etc.), only I have to study. Thanks to ICDF, chairman and managers that make our stay as comfortable as possible. 

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