First, when you already decided what to study for a bachelor degree, master or phd studies, the second step is seeking the better and more specialized places where to study for, for me I guess is the first premise, tough. Indeed, in my personal case, for bachelor I study economy at UNAN (the national university of Nicaragua), since then, I always was interested in agricultural issues, for environmental, sustainability, development, etc. Therefore, Asia seems the best place to study for, why. Then, first let me show you some interesting data: after 1945, Taiwan founded a strategy having as a slogan, "developing industry through agriculture, and developing agriculture through industry". Although only about one-quarter of Taiwan's land area is suitable for farming, virtually all farmland is intensely cultivated, with some areas suitable for two and even three crops a year, but is really impressionist how Taiwanese don’t waste any space of land and any natural resource, Taiwan only is 36.000 km², well, but you can also say: But there’s other countries with a great development in agriculture… yes it’s true, but other issue is taken in count though. Taiwan is a country with a high spirit of hard work, high level of competiveness, productivity in all sector of the economy; it’s a safe country with developed transportation system and technology. The universities of Taiwan compete in the rank of worldwide as best universities.

But it’s not only about number, about per-capita GDP account, by another hand, culture, oh gosh!! I always I’ve thought every country is rich for culture, but Asian countries, specially Taiwan, is deep, rich, immense, colorful and kind culture. At the beginning it’s not all easy food, language, smells that you can perceive on streets are very opposite for western countries, specially mine (Nicaragua), but if you have interesting of knowing beyond, experiment, if you are not afraid to try new things, exotic sometime :D, definitely Taiwan is the best place.

However, Taiwan has seeking the development for trade with countries over the world, the assistance that Nicaragua received is not only for scholarship is also technical assistance, humanitarian, that is a good sign, how democratic and respectful Taiwan is for other cultures. It’s interesting how the people from Taiwan, is always seeking to improve and improve, I’ve met people in the streets that speaks to me with any particular reason, besides being very king, they take advantage for practicing English with me, I guess in my country we don’t use to do that, then, besides being a small country and having an amazing development, the lessons outside the classroom, that you can learn for normal and simple people that you met on a bus, train, or just walking, is great, for me as a lesson for life.

Taiwan from being a receiver country became as a giver donation country, it’s part of the called four Asian tiger, as an economic miracle, my country suffers many economic and social problems, even the efforts of people, the improvement have been not enough, then, where a miracle happened in a similar situation of my country as well, is the most convenient option to go and figure out what this people did and how is doing now, and what can we learn from Taiwan that we might apply in our countries, definitely many people coincide that the secret to get from poverty a country is developing education, therefore, is you are wondering which place , what to study, please think how this can be applied and how can I help in the improve or enhancing of my country, always thinking, with a little part by each self can be done a important and Hugh difference. I would finishing saying, a slogan that I read before come, Taiwan will touch you heart, after more than one year, I can say: yes it Is true!!.

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