Brief Background

As a young student from rural area in Swaziland, I had a dream of pursuing my studies until I reach my doctorate. I chose the right courses, business accounting and my second option was agriculture. These fields have elements of providing sustainable economic development. The world needs finance experts and also agriculture economists for food security and food sustainability. The career in agriculture has helped me to not only look at the agricultural production but also to look at the agri-business sector.

Work Experience

My undergraduate programme in agricultural economics, which I finished in 2005 in the University of Swaziland, exposed me to the financial sector, having got a job in a development bank. In that bank I was assessing and disbursing loans and credit to agricultural enterprises, that’s where I got exposed to the outside world. I went to study for my diploma in SME’s management in Israel and that’s exposure encouraged me to start looking at other areas of furthering my studies. I resigned and got a job in the investments sector, actually marketing Swaziland to foreign direct investors, that’s where I got an opportunity to attend a business forum in Taiwan in 2010. I saw Africa students with the Embassy of The Gambia and asked how and what they were doing.

When I reach Swaziland, I started contacting Taiwan Embassy in Swaziland, asking on how I can apply for scholarship in Taiwan and I was assisted to get to know more about Taiwan.

Input to Country's Economic Development

Swaziland has been facing fiscal challenges emanating from the Global Economic crisis, hence the problems made me to think other ways of assisting the ailing economy; hence, I saw the opportunity to study in Taiwan to learn the strategies for economic development to be able to implement some in my country. The main reason of that is to help assist in the ailing economy of Swaziland. The field I chose, economics is helpful in understanding macroeconomic environment of developed worlds like Taiwan and developing countries like Swaziland.

The ailing economy in Swaziland resulted to government announcing that all civil servants will not get increment for the next three years, hence there is no money for funding students, I opted for the Taiwan government to help me study and pursue my career.

Career Development

Some Swazi students who studied in Taiwan are employed in the key sectors in Swaziland for instance, some work in technical and vocational colleges and some in telecommunication and energy industries which showed that Taiwan provides quality education for students. The reason I chose Taiwan was to get help shape my career and understand how the knowledge and skill I will acquire in Taiwan will help develop me to be a better person. The most important thing is that the education here not trains you to be an employee only but you can be an entrepreneur as well.

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