First of all, I would like take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) for giving me the scholarship to purse my Masters in Electric Power Engineering at National Sun Yet-sen University (NSYSU)  in Taiwan.  Without ICDF Scholarship I would not be here in this beautiful island.

The education and teaching quality  is the second reason why I chose to study in Taiwan.  Taiwan universities have been improved a lot in recent years.  One example is National Taiwan University ranked as one of top 100 universities in the world.  The school environment and facilities are fantastic.  Professors and supporting staffs are hardworking and talented.

Technology advancement is another reason to come and study here.  Taiwan high-tech companies have kept improving and competed with other local and global counterparts.  Competition and innovation are the main forces to push them forward.  Acer, Asus, HTC, TSMC, plus others are among the well known Taiwanese high-tech companies and brands in the world.

Learning Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese languages as well as Taiwanese culture are also ones of reasons why I chose Taiwan.  I have learnt the language (Mandarin) before when I was studying at National Taiwan University in Taipei, but I think I am not good enough.  I want to continue learning so I can speak and talk like Taiwanese do.  According to figures from UNESCO, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world while English and Spanish are second and third respectively.  Mastering Mandarin would be the key if one wanted to enter China job market or seeking jobs in other Chinese speaking countries in Asia.

And last but not least is the naturally and artificially beauty of Taiwan.  Taiwan is a small but very beautiful island.  The central or centre of the island is covered by mountains.  I never been to anyone of the mountains but have seen pictures and heard stories about them.  The southernmost tip of Taiwan, Kenting is my favourite place and would recommend it to anyone who like swimming and surfing.  My university (NSYSU) is situated between the sea and mountain, and I think this is the most beautiful campus on the island.  The view is so beautiful as well as the air is fresh and clean.Beside its natural beauty, recreational and public parks, night markets, museums,  and many other man-made structures and places are attractive and interesting.  I love how they try to combine green technologies with their designs and constructions.And before the day I leave Taiwan, I really want to ride around and explore the island by bicycle.

I will try my utmost best in my studies so I can complete it on time and go back to my country with Taiwanese knowledge, skills, and ideas.  And then apply these skills, ideas, and knowledge to contribute to the development of my country.

My Best wishes to my fellow foreigners with their studies in Taiwan.

I wish everyone "health健康(Te Mauri)", "peace 平安(Te Raoi)", and "prosperity 事業興旺 (Te Tabomoa)".

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