My name is Josue Garcia, I’m study at National Taiwan Ocean University in the Department of Aquaculture, and this time I would write about why I chose Taiwan to study. The aquaculture for many people still a new filed, It is seldom to hear about this kind of industry, nobody know what is the aquaculture  even though the aquaculture has growth dramatically over  50 years and the production increase several tons per year, and every time the consumption of fish and shellfish are higher. As we can see the aquaculture is promising activity that increases every year. Many countries try to work in this industry but sometimes they don’t have the conditions to do the aquaculture even they have technology and the knowledge, but the space and the resources are limit, and this one reduce the capacity to increase the production.  

I come from Guatemala, it is located in Central America, and my country have high diversity of natural resource, water and specially the space is not limit, the conditions to do aquaculture in Guatemala is perfect, but we have a pain in the back that is the lack of knowledge to do it, is the is the biggest obstacle to development this industry, even though Guatemala have the optimal conditions to development. The aquaculture in Guatemala is still a few; we didn't explode all of the sources that have, and with this action we lose the opportunity to grow this industry.

I think this is the main reason I chose Taiwan to continue with my studies in aquaculture field since Taiwan from many years ago is one of the best one in this business, even though Taiwan is small country but they have the knowledge to development the aquaculture and for this one in the recent years became as one of the important country to development some techniques in aquaculture.

I think is a good opportunity to learn some techniques from one of the country has been a pioneer in the development of aquaculture for many years ago.  We can take as a model Taiwan aquaculture, to try to replicate in our country.  I know Taiwan has a broad development in this industry, and we can take the model to improve the industry in my country.

If we can adopt the Taiwan model to improve all of the techniques that Taiwan have,  Guatemala also became  as  pioneer in aquaculture and then can increase production, and maybe the quality of life becomes superior, and  the social and economical conditions for the whole country will be better.


I believe if I study in Taiwan I can get all of the knowledge to improve the aquaculture in Guatemala, and became  more efficient, as I know study in Taiwan is not easy, the level of education is higher  and also the culture shock is hard, specially for the western people.  But if you has a goal and you put soul and heart to do it, it will be easy. We need to take advantage of the situation, and try to get the knowledge as much we want, when you see the development that some countries have, sometimes we think is impossible to try to replicate in ours, but sometimes the small things became the biggest one.  I think this is the reason; why I chose Taiwan to study, learn from who has the experience, knowledge and the technology.

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