My name is Tam. I am a second-year master student at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. I graduated from Danang University of Technology in Vietnam in 2008. After graduation, I worked for Construction Company for one year given the five-year knowledge in university. The demanding job not only enhanced my analytical competence but also rewarded me for hands-on experience.

Above all, one of my desires is to convey the knowledge what I have attained to students. Therefore, I decided to become a university lecturer. That is also the reason why I have changed my job and worked for Danang Architecture University. From then on, I clearly realized that I had needed more advanced knowledge and skills to fulfill my goal. Besides, the research conditions in Vietnam are too difficult to brainstorm many brilliant ideas. For this reason, I was thinking of pursuing an advanced education. I considered Taiwan as my first choice because of some following basic reasons.

First, Taiwan is one of major economic partners, traders and investors of Vietnam. Taiwan plays a quite important role to Vietnam’s Economic Development in present, maybe even in the future. It is said that the longstanding relationship between Taiwan and Vietnam, which have many similarities in culture, will support the mutual development. Moreover, Taiwan is commonly known as a country with the high standard of living with modern infrastructure. To sum up, Taiwan is a both economically and socially stable country with its rapid economic growth especially in industrial sector.

Second, Taiwan has a good reputation as advanced education and research. It is clear that there is not only a safe studying environment with the modern facilities but also a multi-cultural atmosphere with the mixture between traditional and modern characters that immediately attracts me.

Third, my major is Construction Economics and Project Management; hence, I intended to broaden new horizons about Engineering Management. Through the Internet and the recommendation of my senior friends, I have known that Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) supports the TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program for international students who would like to study International Graduate Program of Civil Engineering and Management at National Cheng Kung University. It is a good scholarship with paying attention to education and training for program sustainability. Besides, National Cheng Kung University ranks second in top universities in Taiwan. I thought that it would be an ideal place where makes my studying life more interesting. Therefore, I had a decision to enroll in National Cheng Kung University with the purpose of hopefully taking advantages of all opportunities that its education will offer. In addition, with my great perseverance and strong thirst as well as the academic background and research ability, I would like to look forward to experiencing new challenges when I was studying aboard.

Most importantly, Taiwan is a safe and peaceful city with a convenient living environment. I have an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the city, learn Taiwanese culture, and make new friends. The people here are very welcoming to foreigners and the majority of citizens are extremely eager to help and get to know us. Actually, I love friendly people and wonderful weather in Tainan very much.

Overall, after studying at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan for a year, I thought I had made my right decision. I really found a useful time here where my scientific skills and knowledge were significantly improved whereby I probably contribute somewhat to the development of engineering management field in Central Vietnam in particular and Vietnam in general. Additionally, I also had more interesting experiences with the diversity of culture, the opened lifestyle, the hospitality of people, and the beauty of sightseeing that I have not done before.

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