I had long being interested in continuing my studies and Taiwan made that dream possible.  Embarking at National Taiwan University has been an adventurous navigation to success. Having been born and reared at a little unfledged town (Corozal Town) in the northern side of Belize C.A.; through a distinguished career of hard work and dedication I was looking for something exciting in my life. I am a sort of Renaissance man with keen interests in the Asian world. With only 3 months living in Taipei I can prove that it’s worth chasing the dream of being a scholar. This small and mysterious island has a lot to offer. I was attracted to the heart of Asia because of its vigorous economy and many opportunities for capacity development. Taiwan offers the triangular elements of success which are: a prospective of culture, a global link and skills development.

Taiwan broadens your knowledge on different cultures and understanding of the differences between them.You will learn a different perspective to people, societies, countries and an opportunity to meet different people and share experience. Today not only I know about Taiwan, I know about China, Korea, Swaziland, Peru, The Gambia, France, El Salvador etc., through different friends and roommates. I know more of the different continent from firsthand experience. Through culture I know the structures and operations of one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions.Yet, we live in harmony towards one goal, that is to graduate and apply our skills as a magnate. I really enjoy this multi culture experience since its similar to Belize multi ecthnic soceity. There is a sense of belonging and adoptation. Making it easy to chose  religion, taboos, needs and wants. On a daily basis through culture you’re exposed to the treasures of ancient civilization of Asian economy. The 21st century will likely be defined by the countries of Asia, and our lives will be shaped by their actions and influences. Therefore, it is of critical importance that our future leaders have an understanding and appreciation of Taiwanese cultures, languages, and practices so that they can effectively work together to solve the challenges of tomorrow. This understanding will extend beyond cultural stereotypes. You will develop an increased understanding of their own values, tolerance and respect for difference, and a commitment to the principles of peace, social justice, cooperation and mutual respect among all peoples and nations.

Studying in Taiwan offers a global link which benefit all aspects of life. It can be a very enlightening experience, which not only improves language proficiency such as English, Madarine Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, France, etc., but it also helps students learn important skills and strengths for their career.Students learn about their destination and create a contact network. Students most often form friendships which last a lifetime. I made friends from all over the world. Studying in Taiwan offers a great opportunity for personal development and becoming more independent, because you can learn something new about yourself, your attitudes and your values by meeting people from different cultures. Especially when it comes to religious beliefs and routine daily life activities. You will become open-minded, tolerant and considerate. Living in Taiwan will make think with a new perspective to things at home and changes what you see as important, but always keeping in mind that your not better than anyone. In other words, the morals instilled in you are of kindness and comprehension to race, gender or status.

Finally you develop skills that make you successful in life, coming here and living independently, is harder than living independently in other parts of the world. Here a student gets only a few hours of spare time for partying or working activities, hence you must study hard to get good grades. You’re also required to   do your household chores since you cannot hire a mom (lol) to do stuff like it used to be at home. Time management and efficiency is definitely an A+ here. Remember this make you more independent, organized and develop time management skills. Taiwanese students are extremely smart and loving. They really teach you to work hard and reap your benefits.

If you choose to study in Taiwan you will experience an adventure unlike any other, one that you will likely never forget. What you can learn goes far beyond the knowledge that will be conveyed in the classroom, and will to a great extent come from the experiences gained from everything surrounding you during your time. The rich Taiwanese culture, society and the high rate of development within the areas of both economic and international relations will give you experiences and an understanding that will help guide you throughout your continued life and career. Cheers to National Taiwan University, Department of Agriculture Economics for hosting me. 谢谢!

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