Since arriving in Taiwan, I have noticed many things that I would want to implement in my little country, Belize. However, the system I would implement greatly in Belize would be the transportation. Two things stand out most. Many people in Belize need to go to different places at various times in the shortest time possible efficiently. Therefore, the HSR would be a great system. Also, buses do not run at regular times. Stemming from that, not many bus stops are present.

So then, let us look at the HSR. Belize is a small country with many people that have things to do. Some people take buses to go to work, school, and shop. Also, they take buses to go home. They want it done in the fastest time. Hence, if the HSR would be placed in Belize, those people would be able to go home in about 2 to 4 hours instead of 4 to 6. This would be absolutely magnificent because students would have more time to do their homework. They would arrive at home around 6:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 p.m. They would have energy to relax for a while then do their assignments instead of coming in very tired unable to do their assignments! That’s a pro! In addition, if business men had to work on the weekends and they lived far away, with the HSR they would reach in time rather than be tardy. What a wonderful world that would be!

Secondly, the buses in Taiwan are labeled by numbers and have certain times that they are present at the bus stops. In my vision, this would be great for Belize because the buses do not have a certain time that they go to each stop to get people. The buses arrive at unpredictable times, and it creates complications for the people in the work force. Due to the buses lack of promptness or a lack of bus scheduling, the working men and women get late to work and sometimes it makes them lose their jobs! There needs to be a change, and the bus schedule system in Taiwan would definitely make life better in Belize. Also, more bus stops should be put at major areas.

With more bus stops, people wouldn’t have to travel so far to get on a bus. As for the implementation of a bus schedule with times and areas, the citizens of Belize would benefit greatly. I guess if there was a set bus schedule in place at every stop, the buses would be forced to arrive promptly at the bus stop. Also, the people would not have to wait so long to get home or to other places such as Albert Street, Orange Street, or school. In addition, if all the buses were given numbers and assigned to different areas, people would not have to crowd in one bus to go wherever they want to on a long route. For example, Bus 2 goes to Kun Shan University every half hour and it goes on a straight route picking up people along the way at bus stops and passes through downtown to Anping. Knowing this, I would know when to go to the bus stop and where it is going. It is very convenient. Therefore, you would be able to plan when to go and how to return. It would benefit Belize greatly if the buses would have numbers and arrive maybe every ten minutes or so. The ‘crowd’ would not be such a ‘crowd’. There would be less chaos, and less chaos is beautiful.

So, these are just my thoughts. I don’t know if it would work if it would be implemented, but I know that in my mind it would. I firmly believe that the citizens of Belize would appreciate more bus stops and a regular schedule and the ability to be able to arrive to work on time if there was a transportation system that worked on a sped up clock. At least, I know I would [: Hopefully, some system like this from Taiwan can be implemented in Belize in the future.

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