Taiwan Political, Education and Transportation Systems that can be implemented in Swaziland


Taiwan is an Island in the South - East Asia and is amongst the developed countries in the world. The country has experienced fast economic growth over the last ten years and has become a superpower in the Asian countries. Moreover, the country has bilateral relationships with Swaziland and this has extended to the diplomatic ties which have realized the strengthening of political, economic, and social relations. Swaziland is a developing country, located in the Southern part of Africa completely surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique.

Political System

Taiwan is a multiparty democratic regime headed by a popularly elected president and a unicameral legislature. Taiwan's Constitution is based on Dr. Sun Yat-sen's three Principles of the people: Nationalism, Democracy, and Social Well-being. This system has led to good governance and service delivery for the upliftment of the standard of living of the Taiwanese people. Since Swaziland is led by an executive monarch without multiparty system hence is behind in good governance and accountability, therefore the system in Taiwan is highly recommended. These would lead to service delivery transparency knowing that if is there is no accountability during that particular term in office by that party, they will not be elected back to office after their term has expired. Rooting out corruption as evident in Taiwan can help Swaziland to learn the strategies used and will lead to poverty alleviation and economic development. Sound and strategic economic development policies can help develop Swaziland and lead to economic growth.

Education Systems

The people of Taiwan are very well educated, literacy rate is about 96% and have all the levels of education from kindergarten, elementary, higher education, vocational to university. The education is compulsory supported by both the government and the private sector. There are more than 150 universities which show that the country has invested a lot in infrastructure and human capital. Swaziland has to invest in human capital by sending the people to study the disciplines that would help the people to diversify and learn new technology and start businesses for the economic development of the country. Moreover the country has to invest in building universities, technological parks for research and technology. The welfare of the educators is very important so that they can improve service delivery. Swaziland has to develop education policies that favour investment in education for all with support of resources allocation towards the education sector.

Transportation Systems

Taiwan has highways, ports, air and rail transport all well-built and well-coordinated. The country has invested in transportation infrastructure supplemented by the latest technology. Swaziland is a small country, landlocked and if it can invest in highways networking the whole country this can lead to economic growth. For instance the high speed is very convenient and Swaziland can benefit a lot and this can connect the two airports it has with all the important towns. This infrastructure can be implemented together with the easy of payments method necessitated by the introduction of technology. The most important thing for Swaziland is to accommodate the underprivileged and the disabled as seen in the Taiwan transportation systems.

Taiwan High Speed Train


The leadership of a country is the key for its economic development, for instance factors such as allocation of resources to the right channels can help Swaziland. The proper planning as shown by Taiwan investing in education, infrastructure and the factors that would help the future generation of a country are key in economic development. The geographical location of Swaziland is not an excuse for poor economic growth because with the proper policies and investment in infrastructure, foreign direct investments can increase and this would lead to economic growth and more job opportunities in the country. Good governance as observed in most nations help them do well in economic development because of decisions that lead to an accountable, transparent and service oriented system. Moreover Swaziland has to prioritize its projects by investing in education and technology, agriculture, energy, and roads infrastructure.

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