In today’s society all nations Unitary, Federal or Confederate share a common goal which is guided by its constitution. A constitution, thus, can be safely said to be a social contract between the government and the people it governs. Hence, it is any government mandate to carry out the affairs of the country in regards to good governance in reference to security and justice, education and technology. My views are based on achieving a comprehensive macroeconomic vision for Belize. These principles are practicable since Belize is a developing nation in comparison to Taiwan success.

Creating a safe and secure society and protecting people against major threats to their welfare are important functions of excellent governance. This was clear even to the creators of the Constitution of Belize, who quoted to “insure domestic tranquillity,” and “provide for the common defence” which was a major reason for our democratic system. Yet, there is a flaw in the system since there is a high rate of injustices and insecurity presently, inclusive of securing our borders from prominent territorial claims on our serenity nation. Belize should reform it’s justice and security laws in order to lessen the serious risks associated with such things as economic depressions, excessive inflation, loss of a job, dangerous workplaces, environmental pollution, lack of health insurance, retirement insecurity, dangerous products, serious illnesses or disability, bank failures, investment fraud, illicit territorial claims and  hurricanes. Government is often the only institution that can make these kinds of core political values a reality. Take justice, for instance. It is not usually something provided by the marketplace or created by the actions of individuals. More often it is something that can only be provided and sustained in the public sphere by the actions of government organizations like the courts and the legislatures. If we want a just society, we must work through government to get it. Government is often the only institution that can make these kinds of core political values a reality. Although murders rates are escalating in Belize I think we are still on time to become peaceful as Taiwan is. As per our neighbour Territorial claim I am sure our people will vote against the referendum.

Clearly, an educated and skilled workforce is the major resource today, rather than natural resources which is related to economic development. Thus we must expand and improve or education and technological capacities. This will not only prepare masses of sons and daughters not only to enter, but to improve our industries and services. From these qualified young people, numerous men and women of high ability will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to run businesses designs, production, trading, shipping and handling services. Belizean should get on the mood of opening business and being a “constant- income earners”, in other words Belizean should tend to run business in a routine way, peacefully, safely avoiding risk where possible. Entrepreneurship is abundant but lack of capital attainment is a hindrance for this process. Government should make these funds more accessible and educate its masses on entrepreneurial importance.

Much like corporations, without adequate technology and capital accumulation, countries cannot grow. Hence investment in technology is an adequate investment out of poverty. Technology enhances the structural features of an economy that shape the incentives to which firms and households are subjected to its demographics, its institutions, its geographic characteristics, and its governmental policies “An atmosphere of economic opportunity where people are motivated to take risks, take chances. It creates social mobility it allows people to move in and out of occupations at will that’s clearly related to economic development. Hence more investment on Technology and research and development is needed in Belize.  This can be composed of multilateral agreement or memorandum of understand guiding the penmanship of close collaboration with universities, non-governmental organizations and the community.

These are just a few points that need attention for our economic development. Nevertheless, we must not forget other items in the agenda such as Agriculture, Human Resources, Health, and Infrastructure etc. etc. Creating a good sense of governance and selling it to the people is the way forward. Good Governance is like a pyramid kingdom, which is governed from the top on down to the bottom, whereby each tier of the government supports the tier above it, which rest on a foundation of truth and wisdom known as the constitution. Which is gladly accepted  by the masses of people who are at the bottom of the pyramid, who are fully persuaded within their own minds that is much better for everyone  if all of them are moderately rich, whereby no one is extremely poor now extremely rich. Long live Belize and Taiwan relationship.