Living and studying in Taiwan has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I have traveled all around Taiwan and the culture experiences are magnificent. Two of the greatest cities in Taiwan I have fallen in love with are Kaohsiung City and Taipei City. To be more precise National Taiwan University (NTU) located in Daan District, Taipei known as my home sweet home and Kaohsiung City the city that rocks.

When it comes to convenience and study life, National Taiwan University located in the Daan District of Taipei will be deeply missed upon my return home to Belize. NTU is located in central Taipei and it is a convenient and fun place to study. NTU’s main location is a large garden-campus in the centre of Taipei, easily accessible by public transport, within walking distance of two metro stations and well linked to the rest of Taiwan by modern, affordable rail transport. The access to student facilities such as library resources and computing make it a perfect combination. NTU Library is the largest library collection in Taiwan.


It encompasses four million volumes, 26,000 periodicals, more than 100 foreign newspapers, more than 30,000 electronic journals, and a 50,000-strong collection of rare and ancient books. NTU also organises regularly extracurricular activities on campus for the public domain.


Although NTU has six campuses, a farm and an experimental forest in Taipei, occupying 345,830,000 square meters, about 1% of Taiwan's land. The main campus is located in closely to  Gonguan District. Gongguan is a popular shopping area for students from nearby National Taiwan University (NTU). As a student residing in the dorm, I am so happy to wake up every morning and to know I have access to many amenities. Within NTU campus and Gonguan District there are also a lot of bookstores. Some of them are old stores specializing in second-hand books in Chinese and English.  There are also many cinemas, restaurants and coffee shops. And if you’re hungry!!! There is a night market where about 100 vendors sell snacks, such as oyster omelets, steamed buns, red bean cakes and tapioca milk tea. They start their business in the late afternoon and are always crowded with people. If you want to experience the life of the young in Taiwan, you will indeed have to visit Gongguan. Many young people like to come over because of the reasonable prices inclusive of food, drink clothing, accessories and weird stuff such as boils eggs in tea and stinky chou Dou Fu (Stinky Tofu) .


Turning away from a student life to real fun, I must say Kaohsiung rocks. Kaohsiung is the city that stole my heart due to for its magnificent ancient contemporary culture, malls, sea relaxation, night life, and friendly atmosphere. This city consists of all the amenities when someone is thinking of having fun. As a modern city there is the breath-taking Fo Guang Shan monastery which displays its hall of giant Buddha’s. Kaohsiung also has a dream mall which is the largest shopping mall in Taiwan which whichi consist of a Ferris wheel on the roof. You can also spend time at Kenting National Park for beautiful landscapes and access to sea waters.


Kaohsiung has a wide variety of pubs, discotheques, and nightclubs to offer to the fun loving and hard-core party-going visitor. But all of us know that the key to having a great time is to know where the party’s at. Just to mention a few Brickyard Club and Lamp Club are quite inexpensive and having fun with diverse people from all over the world is a must. The Taiwanese are very friendly and are always waiting with open arms to welcome you.


Although I will miss my friends, I miss the easy money, I miss access to mountains and beaches, I miss the semblance of order, I miss well educated people, and damn I even miss scooters and bicycles. For those who have lived in Taiwan amount of time (or even just visited once) they definitely just like me will miss the food, people, city, countryside, nature, farms, old building, history, transporting and safety. Taiwan has become my second home and will always be in my heart. I definitely come back to visit is wanders.

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