Connected to Nature

The truth is that I haven´t traveled around Taiwan so much, I have been to Taichung, Kaohcheung, Tainan, Hualien, Beigang and of course Taipei but besides Taipei, I don´t know any of the other places that well to say I will mis one of them more over the other. The truth is that I can not choose one place overall and it doesn´t even matter how many more places I get to know in Taiwan, the reality is that I will miss Taiwan, no matter what place, what city, what time of year. Taiwan has been one of the nicest countries I have ever been and there is something in this tiny island that makes me feel at peace. Currently I live in Taipei, in a hill in the Beitou Area where my university is and so far this is my favorite place in Taipei. I have always been fond of nature and the campus is perfect for nature lovers, there are trees everywhere, I wake up to the sound of birds and fall sleep to the sound of insects with the occasional motorbikes passing outside my window or music students singing outside my room.




Besides our daily man made noises, I love my campus, and people outside of the university also seem to like it, so much that on weekends this turns into a place to go for locals. You can see families and groups of friends just walking around our gardens, exploring the sculptures around campus and enjoying the amazing view of the city we have over here. Because I study in an arts university, there are always all sort of fun things to do, exhibitions, concerts, dances and other sort of activities going on and if we had variety of food up here I think I would never leave campus at all. Did I mentioned the view? I think I did, the view of the city from up here is amazing too, every morning when I go to class and the day is clear, I can see 101 in all it´s splendor, majestic in the middle of the city and when the days are not so clear, a nice fog becomes the center of attention, splitting 101 in two.



Rain or shine, TNUA campus remains my favorite place in Taipei, not to mention that because we don´t have as many students as other universities, the halls and buildings remain clear and clean, not so crowded, you still can breath and have space for yourself and if you feel like being alone, you really don´t have to leave campus, there are plenty of places where you can go and be alone, it is just like a big park. But like any other good places, there are some bad things too that make me leave from time to time, like the variety of food I mentioned before. We are so far away from everything that there are few places to eat around here and after a while you get bored of eating the same thing so my second favorite place is Daan district in the center of Taipei, there are plenty of good restaurants to eat around there, different flavors, different prices and different ambiences. So even though it´s about 45 minutes to get there from Campus, it is always worth it to take the trip and go try something different.


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