Taiwan in My Heart

Taiwan can be considered by many people as a small island, but for a small island has everything you always need and want. Taiwan is a land with many faces known by a lot of people as the Formosa Island or Beautiful Island. It´s stunning landscapes include from white beaches lined with basalt cliffs, marble-walled gorges, tropical forests, mountains and big cities, each of them give you a different experience and a new memory for the book of your journey. It also has a dynamic food culture, temple towns, hot-spring villages and it is full of adventures in both city and rural areas, Taiwan if for sure in my opinion one of the must go destinations in Asia. Another thing that I like is that Taiwan give you the opportunity to do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, diving, experiencing indigenous culture, or just relaxing in a pristine and safe environment. Walking free in the street and enjoying life, that is something really difficult to do in our countries.


The island is a place that offers something for everyone and impresses it´s visitor with beautiful scenery, but mostly i really love beautiful Taiwanese people.


I can say that my favorite place in Taiwan is TNUA, I love to walk in the streets of the University, talk with interesting people that are passionate about what they do and love. I love the feeling that I belong to such an exquisite and singular crowd of people. Artists and teachers that embrace traditional art techniques and also artists that work with completely opposite tools, really high technology, but all of them share the same passion for arts. This is the first time for me, to live on a university campus, and in an Art University, where I can really have access to art all the time. I like to go out of the dorm and walk around flowers and trees, it does not matter if it is raining or if it is really hot, I actually enjoy how colors change with the weather and how the light comes from the sky. Also I can get across around sculptures, go to the museum, go to check new books and movies to the library, or go an check the new art exhibition…  Living in the mountain in a way has  really good advantages, for instance, the view of Taipei City from here is spectacular, and sometimes after the rain you can see how the vapor wraps the tall buildings, when the rain is moving to the city and outstanding sunsets.


At the end of the journey it is not the place that matters, it is the people that share the moment or the place what really counts. So i will not miss the material Taiwan, I will miss the essence of the place, the mysticism in the air, the adventure of the unknown, the challenge that represent not to talk the language and all the kindness of the people that are always willing to help, to share their own culture, to teach me new techniques, to have the patience to stop and listen or try to figure out what i want to say or express. Taiwan has given me the opportunity to share part of my journey with new people that otherwise i would have never met. Life is made with small moments in life that you share with people, so the place is secondary in my opinion, it just helps to get people together and share a dream called present.

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