I am here in Taiwan for two years. I already spent ten months and, since my first month one of the first things that I had in my mind is visiting the entire Island. So far, I visited some places such as Hualien, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Nantou, Yilan and many tourist attractions in Taipei such as: Taipei 101, Chiang Kai Chek Memorial Hall, National Concert Hall and National Palace Museum.  Yet I have much more to explore. However, I realized each place where I have been has its specific beauty and originality. I never finish contemplating this wonderful nature that the Formosa Island is. So, when someone will ask me which places in Taiwan I will miss after my two years, what should I say? To me it’s like a dilemma. Let’s me paint this painting of this wonderful Island where now I am living and, I am sure you will understand my dilemma. 


If I can start from its natural beauty, Taiwan is well known for its towering mountains and, indeed, is spotted with numerous mountains peak. I notice mountains because I really like hiking and mountains are part of the feature of Taiwan. I remember when I went to Hualien how majesty is the Cingshui cliffs. Beside mountains, Taiwan offers the coastal valleys and vast green forest as great nature assets.  At Chingjing farm, in Nantou, I enjoyed an unforgettable trip into an enjoyable nature, with an incredible weather. Riding horse, feeding sheep, take a working into the small Swiss garden, enjoyed a beautiful view since the farm where I admired the sea and other mountains surrounded the farm. Another place that I really like in Taiwan it’s the Hot spring located in Beitou where you can take and enjoy a bath like in the ancient Rome with their baths.  All the nature in Taiwan is like a masterpiece.


Now if viewed from history and culture it’s incredible, Taiwan has the most comprehensive collection of Chinese artifacts in its National Palace Museum. This museum is famous around the world and contains thousands of years of Chinese history. Ceramics classic blue and white design from the Ming Dynasty, collections of many pieces from different dynasties, elegant statues, porcelains, tiny pieces etc. In fact in this museum I discover the sense of Chinese history.


The most appeal of Taiwan lies in the architecture of the building. Historic building and Temples in the Island combines elements of art from China, Japan and Europe. It was amazing to see the baroque style in Dadachang, amazing to see how side by side, Chinese architecture, ancient European and modern architecture style stand together in harmony.


Beside all those places mentioned above, there are night markets.  Night market is one of the most important places if I can consider them like a place that attracts increasingly more people. Many different products traditional and modern are consumed in that place. I think there is an important part of Taiwan culture that I discovered when I step into a night market. Different types of food, fruits, store, shop, fashions, popular culture and restaurants are the principal things you will find in a night market. Basically, I think it is the most commonly place visited by every foreigner or even the first place that every foreigner visited when they come in Taiwan because for me if you come to Taiwan without making a trip to a night market, you really miss a facet or simply you have not been to the Formosa Island.


At the end, among places that I have been visited in Taiwan, Nantou, Taipei city particularly its night markets, the National Palace Museum, the Concert Hall and the hot spring in Beitou will be the first places in Taiwan I will miss after returning to my country.

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