How do you cope with the pressure from schoolwork?

There are four main things I usually used to do when get stressed out with schoolwork.  These are surfing the internet, catching up with my Taiwanese friends, being alone doing extra-curricular activities, and most important of all is doing physical exercise.


Facebook is one of the most common website I usually visit when I'm stressed out.  I hardly post anything on facebook just enjoy reading my friends' statues and posts.  Most of my friends' posts and statues are funny where I can spend like more than an hour or so. Shared and posted photos and videos of my friends on facebook are the most time consuming, however watching them really helps releasing the stresses and pressure.

Youtube is the second common website I used to browse when I am under pressure from schoolwork.  Sometimes I miss my home country when I'm stress sometimes so watching my country's video as well as listening to local songs do really help me to lighten and ease the burden.


Eating and chatting with my Taiwanese is another way to release the schoolwork stress.  I really like to spend some of my times with my Taiwanese friends eating and talking together when I am bored and under extreme schoolwork pressure.  It is fun to be around your friends and sometimes I almost forget the heavy burden of schoolwork.  Additionally, seeing the smiling faces around you really boosts your morale.


Sometimes I need to be alone eating or doing extracurricular activities without the company of friends or classmates.  The campus of NSYSU is so natural and beautiful where both the ocean and mountain are integral part of it.  The secret beach as most people call it is my favourite spot to see the sunset and swimming.  The beach is no longer secret as most people in Kaohsiung knew it; however the entry is restricted people can still enter through broken fence.  Seeing such a spectacular sunset and swimming in the cool seawater make me feel relaxed and refresh.  The bouncing waves and salty water of the ocean always give me energy and courage to fight and overcome any difficulties and challenges.  Every time I swim in Taiwan it always reminds me my childhood times back in the days in my home island where the blue lagoon is the only place for kids and even old people to play in and have fun.  My home island is very small and is surrounded by sea.  No mountains in my island so for me the mountain is very special.  Near my dorm there is a hiking trail so sometimes I walk up the mountain for an hour just to enjoy the scenery and take a brief break from studying.  The smell of different plants together with sound of insects in the mountain really help me to clear my mind.


Riding bicycle is my favourite sport.  The first thing that came to my mind on the very first night I came to this university is to get a very good bicycle.  I was very amazed to see the landscape of the campus especially the location of my dormitory which is located on the hill.  Having a bicycle is a must if you want to get around school very quickly.  Walking from the entrance of the tunnel or main gate to the dorm takes around 15 to 20 minutes, but with a bicycle probably takes half of that walking time depends on how fast you ride.  After two days of my arrival I got a second hand "Giant" brand bicycle.  At first I used my bicycle to get to school and some places near school but later riding a bike became a hobby and sport.  When I am stress with my schoolwork I just take my bicycle and hit the road.  The biking routes in Kaohsiung are the safest and well maintained in Taiwan.  The weather is very hot and sunny during summer and rarely rain in winter so doing outdoor exercises is not a big problem.   The view of Kaohsiung port is so beautiful as well as love river especially at night times.   In average I can spend more than 2 hours riding around the city and cover more than 30 kilometres.  Physical exercises have health benefits which help to improve our mental health and mood.

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