At a university level people have a chance to mature in many ways that will help them through all their entire lives. They make new acquaintances, learn new skills and grow up in plenty of knowledge as well. However, trying to manage a good lifestyle, while pursuing a degree isn't always so easy. It requires self-consciousness, goals and ambitions and a little bit of effort too. In this short essay, I would like to share what I try to do to cope with the schoolwork in my life.


I usually like to study or read over something on my own. Not that I don´t like to work as a group, but sometimes group works can turn into something more alike to a party, so I personally prefer reading a book or my notes by myself. However, sometimes I go to ask help to friends when I don´t have the answer, and I believe that is a good strategy that I need to reinforce because it allows me to learn from others.


Also, starting homework as soon as possible is a good technique to avoid piling up all the homework to the end of a deadline. When I don´t start the work that is given to me and I keep on putting it off until the deadline, I easily get moody and grumpy because I feel pressure to finish those homework and the time I had is almost gone. So lately I have been trying to start the assignments as quick as I can, and I also try to read the material that is being used in class. This is very good because it can prepare anyone beforehand to any surprise test on classes, and it also helps students to not be reading only one night before the tests period.


In addition, preparing yourself before a semester starts is a great plus. If you already know which courses or subjects you will be taking, then you could start doing a little bit of research so when you go to class you won`t be so disoriented, and at least have an idea of what the teachers are talking about. Besides, it helps yourself to realize that vacations is over, and that you need to start working and reading more rather than just chilling out like we all do during vacation.


As any other student, I usually get to the point where I only have my eyes fixed on the book but my mind is definitely in another place, and though I try and try, I just can´t keep reading anymore. In that case I go walking a little bit, eat something, or listen to music; anything to change the atmosphere that I am in. I have already heard that this is not a bad idea, since our mind can get sort of tired if we only perform the same activity for a long time; so alternating activities can be very positive.  That is why, I like to go jogging to the soccer field in campus, do bicycle or watch movies at the campus library when I am feeling a little bit tired after classes, so I can avoid exhausting myself with too much studies.


When the end of the school week has come that is on Fridays; I tend to go out and celebrate with some Zhenzhu Naicha (pearl tea) and Jipai (Fried chicken)! That`s how my weekend starts! I think that relaxing myself on this way helps me have a better life style, which demands moderation and balance from me, as to not be a frustrated wormbook nor to be a lazy student. I believe that I, as so many students around the globe, should try harder to maintain that balance.