Everyone has their own way of dealing with everything. Pressure from school is no exception to that. I personally do not find there to be much pressure, however, school is extremely tiring. There is always so much to do in so little time. Whenever I feel exhausted, I enjoy a prolonged nap. Sleep in my opinion is the best way to ease school pressure. It’s as if for a brief moment, school is no longer relevant, and only you matter, and nothing else.
          After a good day of sleep, catching up with friends over a meal and drinks does wonders for relaxation. As the saying goes, Laughter is therapy for the soul. Hanging out at the 7-Eleven either on campus or near the school gate is a student pastime. Sometimes, after hanging out at 7 – Eleven, we may decide to head to the bowling alley in Neipu. Though I am not the best at bowling, it is fun, especially holding the record for most gutter balls. There is also an arcade at the bowling place. I enjoy playing the video games and other virtual games which can be found there. Doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at them as long you’re having fun.
        Reading is another way I relieve pressure from school. Novels, whether fantasy or mystery is very relaxing. It’s a good way to entertain myself. Also, freelance journalism is a favorite of mine. These articles sometimes are completely opposite of what is published by mainstream media. It gives a more broad view of actual events which are unfolding around us today. In addition, freelance or independent newspapers, always link events unlike main stream media which treats each event as totally unrelated to the other.
        Thankfully, the NPUST campus is in a very rural part of Taiwan or Pingtung County rather. Nearby there are a number of rivers and waterfalls which provide the perfect environment for recreation and relaxation simultaneously. Since Pingtung’ weather is very hot, taking a dip in the cool water is refreshing. It is rejuvenating to swim around and feel the water against your body. In addition to swimming, there is plenty of space around to barbeque or have a picnic. The only somewhat of a downside to this is, usually the rivers and waterfalls are in remote locations. Getting there is a bit of a struggle because it is not as easily accessible.

        Kenting is a favored vacation spot for all sorts of people. From Pingtung (Neipu) to Kenting is roughly a 2 hour ride via motor scooter. Riding to kending itself, is a lot of fun. Along the way there is a lot to see and also, there are time when you get lost, especially when trying out new routes. It is all part of the fun. There are also other simple pleasures which help take your mind off the pressures of school example, having ice cream at either of my two favorite local ice cream shops. The ice cream tastes absolutely divine. Being able to take time away from school and schoolwork is very important to remain level headed while studying. As long as it is done in a safe way, I think students should have as much fun as possible.