It is the beginning of a new Academic year and each time students are scared of the idea of having new classes and of course new school environment. Have you ever wondered how those students who always look relax and have their schoolwork done were able to do it? Well I don’t pretend I have the right answer but I can say I have my own way of coping with pressure from schoolwork and I believe it can be useful to many.   I recently had my first class in the graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development in NTNU, and I must say for now I don’t have much schoolwork. But, from the Lecturers’ overview and introduction of the classes I can already tell that in a near future I will have a whole bunch of school work to do. I will share with you the strategies I used to effectively manage to get work done and on time, without too much trouble reducing the pressure of schoolwork and also finding time to do some extracurricular activities. University can be very demanding time for students. Lecturers, class projects, Examinations and extracurricular activities can all contribute to pressure for a student. From schoolwork to social problems, students can sometimes become so overwhelmed that they do not know how to efficiently manage their stressful situations. These tips can help keep university stress at a minimum before it becomes too hard to handle.

     The first step I take is good organization of schoolwork and effective schedule. On my schedule I always prioritize my needs;  when I need to study , What I wish to study ,  when assignment due, and  I give myself new deadlines for finishing my coursework. On this schedule, I always leave enough time for socializing or just doing things I like such as watching movies, cooking and so on. I always make sure I have time to rest. In fact being able to manage your free time is the Key for not succumbing to schoolwork pressure because most of the time students always feel they don’t have enough time to finish and have some schoolwork behind schedule. The truth is they have a poor time management system. Taking time to pause from the relentless pace of everyday schoolwork pressure and enjoy creative activities that keep you from dwelling on or stressing over school pressures can go far in decreasing your pressure of coursework levels. Of course this schedule can be modified according to the present situation.

     Secondly, I always attend class during lectures. Class attendance helps you to understand easily and faster. The teacher will explain the content of the lectures and if you have any question you will be able to ask him directly. During lectures students can take some valuable notes that can help while reviewing or revising lecture notes at home. It also helps you to have a first approach of the course content which makes your individual studies easier. Before each class I go over the course material and after each class I read it again and try to summarize the main ideas. If during  my summary process I notice that there are parts I still find difficult to understand  I look for further information’s either on the internet , with  classmates , in the library or  the teacher in the subsequent class.

   Finally, after  the summary I made,  I always try  to study  before I start any attempt of doing my  coursework in this way, I understand easily how to do my assignments and on time. In case I still don’t understand the coursework I always join in group discursions to further gain more insight in to course area and any report due.

    In summary, the most efficient way of coping with coursework pressure is having a good time management, being attentive in class and take notes when necessary, ask questions both to the lecturers and also classmates and seniors, review course material on your own and study them, do your schoolwork and do it on time. And to finish find time to relax and enjoy things you like doing besides studying.