Being a graduate student is no piece of cake. Between writing essays, preparing presentations, conducting research, and organizing and attending conferences, it can get very busy. All of this running around can be very tiring, and very, very stressful. Because of this, I always try to leave some time out of my chaotic schedule to just relax and have fun.


One of the ways I cope with all this pressure from schoolwork is to go out for long walks. While in class, it seems as if I’m always multi-tasking, so I never have time to just concentrate on one thing. Also, city life can be very hectic and noisy, and I can’t even hear my own thoughts! Because of this, during the weekends, I like to get far away from the hustle and bustle of Taipei City. Danshui, with its beautiful scenery, is the perfect place to take long walks and clear my thoughts. I usually like to hike a breathtaking mountain trail; and the path is always very peaceful and quiet. While enjoying nature and breathing fresh air, I get the chance to clear my mind and to organize my thoughts. I finally have the quietness I need to think things through, and after a long walk, I am always more energized.


Moreover, I try to exercise at least 4 times a week. It’s no secret that exercise is incredibly beneficial, and because of that, I try to keep it as a very important part of my daily routine. I am a huge Zumba fan, so I always leave time in the late afternoons to workout and have fun at the same time. Exercise also helps me in a very important aspect: I sleep better at night. Whenever I’m stressed, I can’t sleep! I usually find myself waking up 3 or 4 times at night, just thinking about everything I have to do the next day. Exercising has been the perfect solution, and I have kissed all of my sleepless night good-bye.


As a Human Resources graduate student, I’m definitely a people person. Needless to say, being around people is another way I cope with schoolwork. Because of this, I always try to keep in touch with my friends, even those who are far away. I really feel much more relaxed after a long talk with an old friend, or after getting together with friends. Although I see most of my friends every day in class, we never have the time to really sit down, and just talk. So, we always go out for dinners, to the night markets, or to have a cup of coffee. Not only do I feel much more refreshed after meeting with friends, I get to joke around and relax.


However, the most important thing I do to cope with the pressure from schoolwork, is the same thing I have been doing since I first set foot in a school: talking with my parents. My parents and I are very close, so I get to talk to them quite often; as a matter of fact, I talk to my mother every day. Every time I feel too much pressure from schoolwork, or I feel too stressed, they are the first people I call. They are the best listeners and supporters I could ever find, and it seems like they always know the right words to motivate me to move forward.


Pressure from schoolwork can be very tough, however, finding the right ways to relieve inner pressure and to deal with stress are essential to fully enjoy our student life.