“The body shuts down when it has too much to bear; goes its own way quietly inside, waiting for a better time, leaving you numb and half alive.”-Unknown

So before my body reaches that point, I find things to do or see; I am in Taiwan, and compared to my country there are plenty of things to do or places to visit. Not only that, I have friends from various countries and just like me, they also go through the pressure from schoolwork or lab work. In my case, I have pressure from lab work; being a master’s student is not easy, but if I manage my time then there is a chance for me to release some pressure.

So how do I cope with the pressure? Well, if I get stressed during the week, I would simply take a break just to walk around school or go see what my other colleagues are doing. Knowing others have almost the same stress as me, it does kind of make me feel better, because then I know I am not the only one facing that sort of stress. Sometimes a breath of fresh air does good, but in other circumstances, when the day is almost over what I would do is simply head back to my comfy dorm and watch a movie. Watching a variety of movies or series relaxes me, even though it does make me strain my eye a bit, but I still think it does help. On other days of the week, I would gather with my friends to go play badminton which really helps and it serves as exercise (something which I often do). And the good thing about being in the university that I am is that the ocean is close- so all I do is walk a bit and I’m right in front of the vast ocean and that is my second favorite thing that really does relax me.

But just like any other normal human being (not saying I’m not normal) I release most of my stress whenever Friday night starts, because I know I have Saturday and Sunday to rest. So as soon as Friday comes, I become happier (not that I am not happy during the week) because then I can go to the night market, the cinema or maybe to play table pool. Apart from actually knowing Friday is near, is also knowing that Saturday is approaching which means-SLEEPING TIME!- oh yes! that is actually the best way I cope with pressure from the lab. I actually find sleeping an awesome thing to do, I get to rest or my body does, either way I get to sleep until my stomach grumbles.
On another note, some Saturdays I tend to go to Taipei, which is also a nice thing to do since I don’t have plenty of time during the week. Exploring Taipei has become somewhat of a mission on Saturdays, especially if it is with friends. Apart from that, weekends would usually the days I would hang out with friends or plan some gathering; whether it is to go to the beach, celebrate a birthday, or just want to hang out. Apart from that, I am grateful for having awesome lab mates who during weekends would plan activities and of course we would spend the day together; and the good thing for me is that they also have the same pressure as I do.
But if there are no activities to do on the weekend, then like most people, I would use that time to talk with my family or friends. Thankfully, nowadays the technology we have helps with that, then I just simply video chat with friends or family back home.

Even as I am writing this, I am watching a movie (I’ve learned to master the art of multitasking!! :p) and that’s about it on how I usually cope with stress from the lab.

So “加油”to all the master and bachelor students, you aren’t the only one dealing with the stress.