Everyday we deal with pressure and stress: school work, activities, clubs, personal and family relationship issues, etc. It’s all part of life and affects us all in one way or the other. The key to being able to strike a balance between the personal side of life and the academic side is being able to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently.


Schoolwork assignments can range widely between a simple analysis commentary to a midterm research piece all the way to final exams and thesis papers. Although each of these can be very different from each other, they all can be tackled by splitting large sections into smaller more manageable sections. Having smaller chunks of work to work at a time, will make working on it a breeze because mentally we are accomplishing these tasks more easily and before you know it, you’ll be done with the whole assignment.


Efficiently managing our time is also key to dealing with schoolwork. Our lives not only involve going to school, but also taking care of family and friends matters as well as basic things such eating and sleeping. Having a premade daily schedule that we stick to permanently should help out immensely as this helps map out the times that during the day we can dedicate to schoolwork, eating, sleeping and other leisure tasks. It reduces the stress of constantly trying to plan what to do at what time and also helps not to overload ourselves with school assignments. With the advances of technology, we can now easily manage our times with electronic calendars on smartphones and online calendars.


Having a comfortable place to work also helps on the creative and working process of schoolwork. Ensuring enough desk space, proper posture as well as good lighting will make anyone feel at ease and that work will be able to flow effortlessly.


But what if we already took care of everything above and still we can’t get the motivation or creativity ball rolling? It’s called writer’s block. We all have at some point and it’s not shameful in admitting it. Since each one of us is different, we all have different ways of combating writer’s block. In my case, usually taking some time off the assignment or project (time and circumstances permitting) will help reboot the writing process. Taking a walk outside, watching a movie, reading a book or simply taking a coffee break helps out a lot. Regular breaks not only help rest the mind, but the body as well as tiredness is another impediment of an efficient working process.


Also what I’ve noticed it works for me to reduce some of the pressure an assignment is being in constant contact with the professor, either by electronic means or face-to-face. Having our doubts and questions that arise when we are working in an assignment answered in a timely manner ensures we are in the proper direction in our schoolwork.


Having these little but significant changes in our schoolwork habits might be a hassle to implement all at once for some, so slowly incorporating these beneficial attitudes is key for a successful academic future as well as preparing the person for a long and prosper work career.


While it is easy to succumb to the ever-mounting pressure of schoolwork (and especially as a semester nears its end), with proper planning and adequate time management, assignments of any size can be tackled in a timely and efficient manner ensuring high marks on the assignment. It’s most likely that other classmates are working on the same assignment; so don’t be afraid to ask others for some help or some input. A little push of motivation can go a long way.