First of all, I have to say that as life is a process since the moment we get born, so it is education, a big process since we start learning.  All we learn through this path of education is going to be useful one day in our lives.  Since kindergarden through high school we learn all the basic things to define our career. The moment we get to college we experience something new, a big change and the most important thing for a human and a student we learn about self-study.

University is totally different from what we have learned in school. It is in this place in which we define our profession looking forward to the future. So since this article is about schoolwork, I believe that my principles to deal with all this work is based on dedication, passion and self-taught. These three principles are my foundations. I love my career, so far I still don't know too much about it. I admit that I still have a long path of learning, but so far I enjoy my courses. Some of them are really hard, but those are the ones I like the most, those courses in which I work harder and give all my best.

I deal with schoolwork by starting things on time and avoid feeling stress one day before the deadline. I try to be as organized as possible and if I have to work hard because I do not understand a course that is the moment in which I become a self-taught person.

All I can say is that dealing with schoolwork is a huge process of maturity, a process I enjoy living!

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