As students, we all face one certain madness. Madness? We face the madness of school work pressure. It is not something that can easily be dealt with. However, there are ways to get past the pressure though it may seem as though there is absolutely no escape. It may take some time to figure what works for you, but some of these tend to work for a great deal of people, myself included.

At times students are overwhelmed with the amount of pressure they have from school work. We constantly have to be looking at how we can solve problems from different angles. Also, we have to work and work at situations to be able to pull the right answer out. If not, then we fail to succeed at our studies. So, at different points in time, we are under major pressure. Therefore, we need a way to. In my case, I would plan ahead and create a time table to help manage my assignments. That in itself is the number one method I use to eliminate the pressure of school work. The time table shows how I will manage my time so I can efficiently use it to get my assignments and studies completed. This always seems to work, but it is not always so. Another way is to stay positive. When you start thinking negatively, the pressure really gets to you and it beats you down to a pulp. Just tell yourself, “I will get through this, and it is very possible.” In addition, to cope with the pressure, you need to complete your assignments BEFORE THE DEADLINE. It puts me at ease knowing that I have nothing to worry about when the time comes.

At time, those do not help me cope with the pressure from school work, so I would speak to my teachers and ask if they could clarify some of my issues so I can improve. This usually helps. If not, the other side would kick in. I would put the assignments and studying aside to have a bit of fun- a different kind of fun. In general, I would walk around the campus to observe all the beauty surrounding myself and the other students that one takes for granted. It just lets my mind settle down. For a while it feels as though you are in a different world- one that only has beauty stored in its nature. At other times, I would play a couple internet games that have strategy in them such as escape the room games. The games require brain power but not as much. Also, I would see if my sister would be willing to listen to how I feel about the suffocating pressure of school work. When she can, she would speak to me about her experiences and how she dealt with them even though we are on completely different career paths. If those do not work, I remind myself that I am not the only one dealing with the harshness of school work pressure. Therefore, I know that I am not in this alone. In addition, I remind myself that if they could get through this, I can as well. It is quite a driving force especially seeing my family that are very successful at what their careers and have dealt their fair share of pressures. That in itself helps me cope with it.

My mother and father always told me, “Pressure from school is something that everyone has to deal with. We had to deal with it, and we did it in different ways. It challenges us, and it shows who are stronger. Do not let yourself be bothered. Find something to do when it is becoming too much. Relax and find an activity. Try until you find that one thing that works for you.” Now that I am in Taiwan, I may not be able to talk to my family as I would on a normal basis such as back home when I used to pass them in the hallway or in a room. So, I found that the main way I learned to cope with pressure from school work was to video chat with my family as much as I could while I was away. Talking to my family is the best. When we video chat, my parents and my sister always tell me that I should keep working hard and that they are very proud of my accomplishments. Therefore, it just lets me know that I have dealt with pressures of school work before without even knowing that I am taking care of it.

If that still does not work, the last resort I head to is to reward myself for something I did very recently that was great. If I got a 90% or more on a recent test, I reward myself and say, “The pressure is okay and I pulled through. I did well. So, I can reward myself with a small item whatever that may be at this point in time.” These work for me. They really help me cope with the pressure from school work. We all have different ways of coping, and these are just some of mine. Remember, you are not alone in this [: It will take time to find what works for you, but when you find it, you will discover that pressure will not be an issue.