I personally never felt homesick. I felt by contrary excited and happy to be in Taiwan in a different culture and rapidly I made some friends here. But I think a big part of feeling homesick is feeling uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. The fact being away from family and coffin bead, the dog and friends makes people feel homesick. I remembered during night I used to go with some friends and we got to walk around and explore college’s campus and the surrounding area. Then, the city we tried new food and we got more familiar with the place. I saw this activates help a lot to other friends of mine. The more they feel like “the place belongs to them” or “they were part of the place”, the more comfortable they feel in here.

So, they started to make new friends and be with local and international people. Even if we didn’t have a close relationship or friendship at that time, everybody was willing to recognize that we need other people in our life. With time we become more and more linked that we formed very distinctive groups. We used to eat our meals or go to movies with others. The people that at the begging used to have the feeling to had been made a bad decision to come here, started to enjoy their time alone: Whether or not they have friends around, they can still enjoy many activities like: physical exercise, basketball, football, jogging, swinging or aerobic dance. We kept things in our environment that we all can enjoy alone such as books, puzzles, arts and crafts, PS3 or music.

Some friends sometime did thing they’ve wanted to do, like going to a concert or art museum, landscape seeing, hiking, and cycling. People used to listen to their favorite music on the stereo, dance to it, learn to play a musical instrument. Some others help someone else: do volunteer work, talk to friends in other universities, other focus on loving rather than on being loved.

I summarize people that could overcome the homesick kept a Positive Attitude and Try to be Creative Self-Talk. I think what we talk or tell ourselves (self-talk) influences what we feel and how we see things.

So for those who feel homesick should say to their self: although I’d rather be with my friends and family at home, being here is okay. Being lonely doesn’t mean something is wrong with me. I can calmly experience loneliness and learn to grow creatively from the time with myself.

Even sometimes things don't go as I wish to, and sometimes I don’t like the fact of being rejected by other, I won’t be destroyed by it. Other people do care about me. I care about myself. I am here with myself, which is pretty good company, some of the best, in fact!

Take Advantage of Campus Life: For students living in the residence halls, the first resource should probably be to check in with the universities clubs assistant, but there are also many opportunities to get involved on other sisters universities.

So good luck and enjoy your time in Taiwan. Some years later you will feel proud and happy you could endure everything and learn so much. Taiwan ICDF opportunity is unique and wonderful experience.

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