First of all I have to say that feeling sadness is a characteristic that all humans have in common, is just a natural process that we all go through at any time in life.

When I decided to come to Taiwan, my mind was clear that I was pursuing my dreams that I was leaving all I have to reach a better future and more opportunities. It has been hard since the first second I faced myself alone in a totally different world, a country with another language, culture and customs. It was just a big challenge in front of my eyes a challenge that I decided to experience and most important enjoy it.

The clue to my emotional success so far has been security within myself, believe in who I am and who I want to be, being a warrior and a lover of life. I enjoy every single breath I take, I feel blessed and happy for the opportunity of living each day.

When you learn to love what you do, then everything has a sense and a meaning. You have to become a passion person and discover the beauty of all things around you.

I believe nothing on earth will ever replace the love I have for my family and country, but I do believe there are so many expressions of love and affection that you can experience from different people even if they are not as closed as your family, and so far that is what I have experienced, I have shared to many good moments with Taiwanese people and people from everywhere, all I had to do was giving them and me a chance of sharing good emotions and a true friendship.

However even though I am a positive woman, sometimes it’s really hard to be strong and brave, there are those moments in which I wish I can hug my family again, in which I wish I can drink a cup of coffee with my mom, share a movie with my dad, play soccer with my brothers or go out with my friends. In these moments I try my best to remember that in the past I did enjoy all this times, I was there for my parents, brothers and friends so I have nothing to regret. I also remember that they all feel proud of me, they always have a second for me in their prayers and no matter what they will always be there for me.

Being away from home is a task for brave ones, for those who know what they want, for those who enjoy all stages in life. But the key depends on how passionate you are for life and for everything you do. Just enjoy what you have today and try to do your best so if you get to tomorrow you won't have anything to feel sorry for!!!

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