Being a student away from his home and more importantly being so far away from home, can take a toll on a student. Many things you're used to from your daily live changes overnight and it's replaced by new, different things. Some of them you have never experienced, others which are things you encounter occasionally but never expected to become a regular part of your life. Leaving the Caribbean and coming to Taiwan did that, especially living in a dorm and sharing facilities. Though it might not seem like much on the outside, many things, even the most simple, can affect you. Some of them are even taken for granted. Though it is not big, one of the things which affected me was the lack of a home-cooked meal on Sundays. It sounds small, especially considering the low cost of food and large number of restaurants and shops you can buy food at, but it was something I get accustomed to. The act of going out and looking for food everyday, even on a slow day like Sunday, is not something I'm used to. In this case, something as small as not needed to leave home to get something to eat can make one miss home and all the things which they are accustomed to. With all these things coming together, you need some way to keep yourself from missing home or becoming homesick. While there is nothing wrong in missing your home, as that would be a natural reaction, being too homesick wouldn't be good as that could affect your work and even your overall enjoyment of time. Instead of seeing the bright things, you could get caught in a state of mind saying “I wish I was back home. I miss doing...”.

In terms of combating homesickness, there are many different approaches. Some might try the easy way, which is to just keep a bit of your old life where ever you go. This can be as simple as hanging up a flag of your country in your room to maybe listening to some music from your country on a morning. You could try to maybe keep up with activities in your country like a radio show or TV show online, but the time difference makes that a hassle. Either way, it can still help get you that little bit of your country you're missing to feel at home. But, that one could just make you miss home more. Another way is to simply keep yourself busy. Keep your time and thoughts occupied and you won't be thinking too much about your home country as you'll have more important things on your hands. Do that assignment which is due in three weeks now. Review your class notes whenever you do something you don't understand. Did a quiz or exam? Didn't get 100%? Study and practice to get that 100% or at least get closer too it. These are easy ways to help keep you occupied but relying on it too much can be bad. You will need to take it slow every now and again, give your brain a rest. This comes to another, generally more effective way of curse homesickness. Make your new country your home. This won't happen overnight and is a prolonged process, but luckily, it's one you'll enjoy doing. Go out, make new friends, meet new people, experience new things. This is the method I am currently using, and I'm enjoying almost every minute of it. After all, people from Taiwan like Taiwan and enjoy the country, why shouldn't I as well? Making friends and going to their favourite places, eating their favourite foods, doing their favourite things, whether or not I like it at first is ok. Just the experience of doing it is enough. Making new memories, friends, eating good food. Really, that's what I miss about my home country, so doing it here makes it feel like Taiwan is becoming my home.

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