If we talk about homesick, I actually have not fully overcome the homesick. I have not fully feel at home living in a new place far from my relatives, with different situation in culture, food, language etc. But at least I've felt much more comfortable than when I first came in this country, 3 months ago. I actually do not have any special tips, how to reduce or even eliminate homesick. In this paper I will only write about my experience, to make feeling homey stay in the place that is far from my family.

I am 43 years old , come from Indonesia and I am the head of the family, from small family (Wife and 1 doughter, she is 9 years old). In August last year, I succeeded to get a TaiwanICDF scholarship to study in Taiwan. That was encouraging news for me and for my wife. It is pride, can pursue studying at the Overseas, at the famous university, with reputable scholarship, Taiwan ICDF scholarship . But it was not good news for my daughter, because I could not bring my family to live together in Taiwan, and that means I have to separate them for a very long time. She was devastated by my departure to continue the study to Taiwan. Even to this day, she always wears my clothes before going to bed, because of miss me. You can imagine how very difficult for me, my wife, my daughter of course, to deal with this all .

With this paper, the first thing I would like to say is that the homesick is a very common thing, most people experience when staying away from their family and stay away from their country. Do not feel that just you, who have problems like this. A lot of people have problem like us, and a lot of people can solve their problems of homesick. So, we should be able to change the way we think, if others can, why we can not..; why do we have to be stuck in a homesick that it will only hinder you in achieving your dream? We must believe that we are here, in a place away from the family, we are not here forever, one day we will live together again with them. This is the initial stage should we believe, to be able to overcome the homesick.

The next step to overcome homesick is by increasing the activity outside and not locked ourselves in the room. Moreover, spending countless hours in the room just by playing facebook with friends and relatives in our country, it would only make our homesick getting worse. Here I will present some kind of activities to relieve homesick.

1. Exercise regularly : exercise is a crucial coping tool, and one that will combat one of the issues of ill health that appears to affect those that are homesick. In addition, exercise will also kill our time, to divert our minds about our homes. Let alone sport which can meet a lot of people, will provide many benefits for us, we will get a new community, a new friend, or even a new pleasure, which in turn can reduce our homesick.

2. Do our hobbies : one of my hobbies is cooking. I could spend hours in the kitchen to cook. I can enjoy the cooking time, as well as cooking can also reduce the bit homesick, with cooking can also overcome my problem with food. As we know one of the other problems that ultimately can lead to more severe homesick is not appropriate foods. I still can enjoy my favorite food although I live abroad.

3. Explore the Interesting places : go to most popular site and attractions to get to know the city like a vacation right in the beginning, to essentially get to know the country’s culture and history right away. Visiting the famous and interesting places is very important and give us many benefits to reduce our homesick. Interesting places make us feel amazed, and proud that we've reached this place. Finally, we are proud to be able to live and stay in this new place.

4. Keep in touch with friends and family. Many of the medias that we can use to keep our communication with family and friends. With social media we can also communicate with a variety of ways, using video call, or just post the photo. I usually use facebook to upload my activities and interesting places picture. And it all joy when a lot of people appreciate our pictures and a lot of people are interested in our place. Actually compliments from people about our new place, will encourage to explore interesting places more, and eventually we will find pleasure in our activities, and that all will reduce homesick.

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