Taiwan, yes of course, the place that right now, where I continue my study is the island that has a lot of memory and history. Actually, my country, Indonesia is the archipelago too. But, here, in Taiwan, is different, the people, the culture, and the cuisine that almost different with my country ever. In the beginning of my coming to Taiwan, I got a lot of cultural shock, because everything is so different. Day by day, I ever passed, I began to find my comforts. Even though I was having a problem of homesickness, but because of the friends, the environment so friendly made me more comfortable to live in Taiwan. When I got a homesickness, the first thing to do is Traveling. Why? Because when you go to other place and know the culture then you would love it and experiencing a new ones that you never got it before. Here I came, then the first plan that I had was travelling, yeah, travelling, that I had dreamt of, not only study in the campus but also knowing the culture is Taiwan is the must. I tried to begin my journey to the nearest place, Sandimen. Sandimen is located in Pingtung County. I just wondered that Sandimen is the village of indigenous people of Taiwan. If It was being rooted to the ancestor, that They were part of Austronesian people, they had a lot similarities with us, instead of their skin color, their face, and some words, like lima or five (in english), bahuor shoulder, hujan or rain, and other words. I felt like home already.

I began interesting on continuing my journey, the next target was going to Kaohsiung, but not to shop but to know the unique place so I could feel homy in Taiwan, so I would know much of Taiwan.I was going to Qijin Island, I saw a lot of Taiwan’s original culture there, the people, festival, and the cuisine too. I began to love Taiwan,this is the place that I could find culture, people, modern society that mixed in the place named Taiwan. Even though Taiwan is Chinese-native country, but they are so openly to the foreigners. Taiwan people always want to know much of other culture. So, I began to intruduce Indonesian culture, my friend initiated us in Wenzao Ursuline University’s Performance. We began to dance our traditional dance named warok. Everyone really like and appreciate the dancing. I began to love Taiwan more.

The other thing that I did was visiting Indigenous village in Sandimen and also Nantou Sandimen is well-known as the village that has a rich culture of Taiwanese aboriginal people. I could see the performance and the culture of Taiwanese aboriginal culture. Nantou is the other place of Taiwan’s county. It is surrounded by the mountain, and the Taiwan Aboriginal people are concerned to keep their culture and always promote their culture to the foreigner. Not only know the culture, but Nantou has a beautiful scenery, I was visiting Sun-Moon Lake too, in every chance, I always tell my friend to travel or visit other place to know and love everything in Taiwan, because Taiwan is a unique place, whereby I miss my family, I always tell them that Taiwan is a good place, so maybe they would like to visit Taiwan someday.

Homesickness is just a past for me right now, because now I feel homy in Taiwan, everytime I have a chance to travel, and I try to travel around Taiwan. I know everyone must have experienced of homesickness, so first time you have to do is Travelling, It’s the best way to do to cure your homesickness buddy. See you ! J

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