Until recently, I thought I was incapable of feeling homesickness. My over-active imagination would run rampant whenever friends complained of homesickness; I imagined myself as some sort of psychic who is incapable of experiencing this one vital human emotion. This does not bother me in any way, though. I see my friends become glum and morose towards the end of every semester with homesickness while I was perfectly content with the knowledge that I am going to see my family in 2 years. Now as the days of my student life comes to a closure on a foreign country, homesickness is no longer a stranger to me, even though I am much less affected of it than many others. Yet, I must admit I miss BELIZE and BELIZE misses me, but I know my country awaits me. Three mayor ways how I keep up the fight of homesickness A.K.A my 3 commandments are (1) stay in touch, (2) adjust to your surrounding (Taiwan) and (3) be yourself.

Firstly, stay in touch. This can be easily achieved by making friends in your new environment whether they're locals or visitors. This is the easiest way to love your new location. If you take the time to open up to others, you may learn that you've found a whole new group of people that you have so much in common with. Furthermore, you can learn from them to think differently and to be thankful for where you are and what you have become. Also, remember to stay in touch with the word of wisdom (God) no matter which religion you are. You can achieve this by attending church, devoting your time to volunteerism or simply joining a club. Wherever you go, you should try to act extra friendly; no matter how sad you may feel. This will make you more open to meeting new people and will make more people drawn to you. Make friends with some locals so you can appreciate the new environment, locals can guide you into a true native experience. Oh!! And never forget to always stay I touch with family and friends back home (Skype, text, Facebook or calls).

Secondly, adjust to your surroundings. Make the most of any place where you find yourself. If you're a graduate or undergraduate student, go to the library, go to the movies, go to club etc. Try to strike a balance between educational knowledge and having fun. This will aid you in achieving a great opportunity to see something completely new and to love where you are. Try to visit places such as museums (Taipei City Museum), palaces (Fo Guang Shan), local restaurants (Gongguan), and any other aspects that make the country unique. Immerse yourself in the culture. Learn the language or local expressions, find a love for the cuisine, and even try learning some fashion tips from the locals.

Lastly, simply be you and enjoy the gifts of life. Do what makes you happy or simply reward yourself, for your hard work and achievements. Watch movies, comedies, series or special theatrical events. And if you are a Gym lover, then you can run or exercise daily. This is good for your physic condition and health. You can also read books, play Chinese games (Mah-Jong) or to Karaoke, play football (Magpies, Taiwan) or simply spend time on Facebook.

These 3 commandments are interchangeable and applicable. The good thing about abiding by them is that time goes fast and you overlook being home sick.

Believe me there is a lot to learn and do in a foreign country that you will regret when time comes to leave for home. Your home will always be home and you already know your timeline. Maybe that is the unusual point in the formula. Before you never knew so exactly what is going to happen in the next week or even the next days.

So I guess it should be fine if you are preparing already in your mind for home, but for now pay respect to the moment enough if you are struggling in your mind with a place you are not at in this moment.

Don’t limit yourself by words with certain meanings or boxes of certain color. Do whatever you are up to, listen to the moment!

Missing Belize and will definitely miss Taiwan, but for now I choose to live the moment!!

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