There is no secret recipe and there is no specific way to overcome homesickness. Sometimes we will do some things; sometimes we will do others to overcome it. We might even think our homesickness could have something to do with the weather, with the time of year, with the people or who knows, the only thing I do know is that I have never been able to overcome it. It comes and goes, sometimes stronger than others and I am for certain that time doesn’t make it better but somehow worst. I have had my share of countries so the country makes no difference and we will blame whatever is different to say we are homesick. For me, In Norway it was the weather, In New York the crowd, In Kenya the food and now in Taiwan, oh well, it’s a combination of all the above. The truth is that as much as I miss the food, the good weather and the calmness of the countryside, the thing I miss the most is my family and no matter how many friends I make in other countries, my family will always be my family no matter what and even though being away is so worth it, nothing will deny the fact that I miss them to death and at times I even question how worth it is it to miss all the important events in their lives, miss their birthdays, their births, their deaths, miss their happy moments and even miss being there with them at the times they need me the most.

I have been living abroad now for almost ten years, I have moved from country to country and I do recognize that communication makes things better. The Internet has helped me stay connected to the people I love no matter where in the world they are. It keeps us connected to all the friends we meet along the way so in a way it helps us overcome being homesick. Communication keeps us connected to our families and to our roots and no matter where we are, we should never forget where we come from. So feeling homesick is not a bad thing, it keeps reminding us who we are, our beginnings and our past and all this forges our present and will be part of our future. So why overcome it, we just have to embrace it however we can. We have to learn to live with it, enjoy the beautiful moments when you get to talk to a loved one half the world away. Embrace the moments when you open that last bag of black beans, the one you brought back from home, and you realize that it is the very last bag and it will be a while for you to get another one. Those moments are what makes being homesick so worth it, when suddenly the voice at the other side of the phone sounds like an angel that you’ve been waiting for so long, when that last spoon full of black beans taste like glory. That is the time when all your memories come back, when a sense of happiness fills your whole body, when you remember where you come from, you remember your childhood and your life back home. And all those feelings multiplied by a million wouldn’t happen if we wouldn’t feel homesick. Being homesick has taught me to never take things for granted. It has taught me to enjoy every single moment, to give the most whenever I’m with someone I love, because at the end, I never know how many more time I will be able to spend with them. So don’t overcome homesickness, just embrace it!

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