Having to move miles away from your native country is not an easy task. Leaving your country to embark yourself in a new adventure, means you have to leave behind everything you know: your city, your house and more important than that, your family. The bond between an individual and his/her family is an important emotional and psychological link since an individual is born. When an individual is separated from his family, feeling homesick is inevitable.

I moved to Taiwan six years ago. When I departed from my country, I left feeling excited, as I was about to start a new adventure to enrich my knowledge. At the same time, I left heavyhearted, as I had to leave my beloved family behind. Although it has been a long time since I moved to Taiwan, I still miss my family like the first day. There are those days when I just wish teletransporters really existed, so in the blink of an eye I could be with my family for just a moment and return to continue with my life here. Unfortunately, teletransporters don’t exist yet and therefore I have learned through the years how to diminish and overcome homesickness so that it won’t affect my performance as a student.

Technology has been one of my best friends throughout these years. Why? Well, technology really comes in handy to facilitate communications, especially when living abroad. Nowadays, with the help of the smart phones, pads, and the various apps to our disposition, text messages, pictures, videos, etc., can easily be sent to the other side of the world by just clicking. This instant and convenient communication is possible with the help of technology, which creates a feeling of being closer to your family.

I personally make use of this technology to be in touch with the members of my family, especially in important dates such as birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. Other than the daily communication, a couple of years ago we made a deal to spare time every Sunday night (Sunday morning to them, due to time difference) to talk about what happened during the week. It’s really fun, I talk to them about my personal projects, and my parents advise me on how to solve problems. Sometimes a member of the family takes the laptop to the kitchen, and meanwhile we talking and my mom is cooking our household traditional Sunday meal pancakes. For a moment, I feel like I am with them. I can even smell and taste the pancakes! Sometimes, my mom even asks me how many pancakes I want.

As part of the process, I surround myself with special people, which I have found helps to get over homesickness. Since you are not close to your family, friends and acquaintances that share your interests and that are there for you will ease the difficulties. Just after I arrived in Taiwan I was blessed to meet some really special people in my university. I was surprised to know that just like me, they also missed their family, and we were going through the same situation. Furthermore, taking any opportunity to go out with those friends to do outdoor activities has a positive impact. Taking the opportunity to visit museums and galleries, divagates my mind. At the same time, going out gives me a chance to know new people and make new friends. In Taiwan, an island full of warm-hearted people, making new friends is not difficult, as Taiwanese are always very open and friendly, especially to foreigners.

Last but not least, having a good communication with God is the factor that has kept me going through the years. As a Christian, I pray every whenever I can and through that interaction with God (As God listens and answers to my prayers) I free my mind and renew my energies.

To conclude, after these six years that have passed, I’ve realized that I am grateful for feeling that I miss my family, as I know that feeling only means I miss some special people to my life, and at the same time these special people miss me and think about me on the other side of the world.

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