Adventure and challenges have always been part of my life. Set impossible and see how
eventually come true, make me feel alive. I'm always in constant move, re-inventing myself and exploring around. Since I was a child, I have had the dream of seeing the world and learn from every circumstance that crossed by the road. However, leave your family and friends every time you decide you need a change, is not easy. Although each step I take is by choice, the way to interpret each situation has an effect in my life.

Having the opportunity to explore Asia was a really challenge. I never imagined spending
several years of my life surrounded by a completely different culture to mine. It is just like jumping from the Western society to the Eastern society from one day to another. 

Each person can be affected differently, for me leaving my "comfort zone“ meant to leave my family, my friends, my job, my apartment and even my bike ‘Ross’, and it was not easy at all.

Upon landing in Taiwan, the first thing I thought was: "Why am I here?, What am I doing?”.I had flown 8.950 miles away from home, there was no turning back.

The adjustment period can be summarised in two weeks in which I get very sick, lying in
bed sleeping for several days. After that, I recovered myself and I decided to do my best to achieve my goals.

I came to understand that the clock is ticking, life goes on and there are many stories to hear and store on your personal journey of ‘a insane person' (as my friends used to called me when they find out that I was moving to Asia). Learn that is not common in Asia to celebrate Christmas, or 'Day of the Dead ' or ' Holy Week ' was a way of how I overcome homesickness.

I understood that the ability of dramatically change your life and get out of your comfort zone, is not for everyone and I felt in a privileged position.

This internal force that motivates me to achieve my dreams and not hesitate I am able to
accomplish anything I want, makes me feel calm and confident that probably I am not
doing it for myself but for be part of a globalized society where we support each others, a better world.

My ideals have brought me here and no matter how much effort and dedication it
deserves, for me it is a pleasure and satisfaction to succeed.

My family and friends who are the ones that eventually ties me a particular space or place,are pleased because I am pleased. The unconditional support of my loved ones are my constant, daily struggle. Knowing whatever my way is, I will be doing everything with
dedication and passion.

The journey of my life starts here and if I begin to panic and feel that I should go home, I will keep the hope and smile because I know someday I will be back with many stories to tell which I will not regret of having lived.

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