We can see Homesickness as the distress and functional impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home and attachment people such as parents and friends. Almost all human being experience some degree of homesickness when they are apart from familiar people and environments, and particularly when you face a new culture. Fortunately, there are many ways that I used to deal, overcome or coping with homesickness and I think you can do try to do the same think if you are a student or not.

Keep in touch with your family: It’s one thing that you need to keep, but do not keep your mind in the past when you where with your family. Try to find new interesting things in your new environment to discuss with your family. When you feel like missing home tell it to your family, they might help you to alleviate your pain temporally.

Have new friends: If you are really far away from home making friends with people in the new environment that you live can help you to appreciate it, try to open up with others. Because people lives in this environment will know where to go with you to have fun and good experience. Accept as many invitations as you can. Even if you have been invited to a party where you do not know many people, or if group of student invited you to see a movie put your shyness aside, say yes I want to go. And also join many groups of activities that you can, this will make it easier to meet new people.

Make a busy schedule: Generally when your days are full with exciting new activities, studies, visit new area, go to the movie theatre, visit museum, spend time with new friends and on, then it will be hard to keep thinking about home. Though you should not be too busy that you do not have time to decompress or sleep. Have a notebook where you draw and write your daily activity. Stay active, exercising outdoor will help you beat the homesickness and stay healthy and positive.

Explore your new environment: It is a good feeling a great opportunity to see something completely new. Thus, check out all of the museums, palaces, parks, local restaurants, cultural activities and any other aspects that make the country unique. Book and make a goal of doing something cultural at least once two weeks in your calendar. Learn the language or local expressions, find a love cuisine, immerse yourself in your new environment, ask some questions, and talk to the local people; participate as volunteer in some organizations if you can.

Do things you loved to do at home: You can find a way to do some of the things you loved to do at if it makes you feel better, but as long as you don’t indulge too much in these activities. If you have opportunity, cook for favorite food, watch your favorite TV shows. If you used to engage in a club, research and see if you can find something similar in your new environment.

Have a group where you can share your culture and learn from the local culture: Cook your home food, play and show your national dance music for your new friends. Share together, each other our tradition. And whether it’s your professor or one of your classmates, if you feel sad share your sadness, which can also help when you share what you feel.

In fact I don’t forget that homesickness is naturel, I don’t let it spoil my study and put me down everyday. As I am in another country I think there have so much things to learn and experience.  Then I say to myself go, do it, and overcome my homesickness.


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