I come from Honduras, Central America. A small country where social values, manners, lifestyle and culture are almost-completely opposite of Taiwan.

The first shock was: Why people here are so friendly to strangers?

In my home country (and especially in my home city, Tegucigalpa), most of people are not so open and friendly. So when I arrived here, it took me a while to get use to the friendliness and warmness of Taiwanese people. It was not annoying; it was "too good to be true".

And not only that! Many things are different in the environment but also many things change inside of you when you move to a different culture. It can be a really hard challenge to ‘let go’ your family and comfort zone in your home culture and in my first weeks in Taiwan I was happy of my decision, but somehow I could not get this question out of my head: What the hell am I doing here?

It has been 3 months already, and I’ve learned to concentrate in the “Here and Now”.

I’ve been lucky enough to study a master about culture, so I’ve been involved in many wonderful places and cultural things from Taiwan, that has open my mind to the awesomeness that is enclosed in this beautiful country and its people. That has kept my head ‘busy’ with fun and inspiring activities, and my mind very open to anything I can learn here.

My advice would be, stop getting too much attached to the things you left behind for a while and don’t stress for the future, enjoy every day, enjoy the Taiwanese culture, people, food, the 7eleven in every corner and one of the cleanest and most convenient MRT services in the world.

You are here and now, and you must be happy with it.

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