I've been living in Taiwan for 4 months now; fulfilling a long-time dream to study abroad. The homesickness for me is a cycle between feeling normal and feeling really down. The down time is usually in the evening, when I'm home alone. During the ups I feel pretty normal and in agreement with the logic that brought me here to study. But I do feel more tired, and I just don't have as much energy to be enthusiastic about things.

The whole thing is making me question how long I should stay here. I came here to improve my Mandarin, to study MS and to live internationally for a while. (So that I will have had that life experience.) When I'm feeling up, I have the strength to keep pushing on towards those goals but when I'm down, I don't care anymore. I just want to be home. I want to give up trying to stay strong. In fact they inspired me to live abroad because I wasn't ready to settle down until I did this first.

Living life in a new country is a rewarding experience; but it's an experience that isn't without its difficulties. One of the barriers that stand in the way of many that decide to live abroad is homesickness. So it’s important not to let that degree of homesickness prevent me from enjoying the experience and adventure. For me the methods to reduce homesickness are:

  • Go to the most popular sites and attractions to get to know the city like a vacation right in the beginning, to essentially get to know the country's culture and history right away
  • Go the crowded markets (night market) are overwhelming, and then spend a lot of time there until I feel more relaxed.
  • Staying connected to my friends back home is important.
  • Finding food that I enjoy right away will ensure that I always know what to order and where, and will miss my home cuisines less.
  • Use social media often to keep in touch with friends and family.
  • Figure out what I’m going to do as a routine.
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Creating a support group to make new friends and share in experiences. – Find some Hobbies
  • Decorate my desk a - Turning my workspace and my room-space into something that's more comfortable for you will improve your feeling of control over your environment.


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