After spending more than a year in Taiwan, already there is that feeling of finding a place for myself, a second home. Being oceans away from home for the first time, definitely comes with a number of things, like having to adjust to a different culture, learning system, making a lot of personal decisions, and embracing the new company of the friends I have just met from around the world. The greatest feeling I thrive on the most is the whole experience of just being distant from home.

However, sometimes I miss being with the people closest to my life, family and friends and just seeing the surroundings I have lived in my entire life. Distance and time unfortunately, cannot offer that luxury of heading home whenever the mind gets that nostalgic round. But again, as important those things are to me, I thrive on the realisation of the incomparable and priceless benefits I have already, and still to gain, which I believe is a great experience, one that I would not trade for anything.

Having realised negatives and the fruits of being away from home, the best I can do for myself is finding a balance for my mind and heart, being thankful and happy for the moment. It is very pleasing to me, amongst other things to be in a place where the people are very welcoming in most things and always ready to help. Maybe most of the time I would wish my family or friends were closer whenever I encounter a challenge, but I can gratefully state that with the people I have around me in Taiwan, I somehow don’t feel a big gap. If I need assistance on something, supposedly I would have the best outcome back home, but it helps me a lot to understand that I am in foreign soil, which might also come with some surprises. That helps me in that I can appreciate most things, and not always shed a tear readily, being a cry-baby.

Wow, I think it is just getting easier to be home away with today’s speed of technology. When you take a moment to remember the old days, where being away would call for using a calling machine or even worse using postal communication. Today, like I mean literally today, I keep in touch easily with my family and friends in my country and in other parts of the world. The oceans separating me from them are travelled in seconds and the options are getting more by the day, as I can constantly send instant messages or talk while I see them on video. Of course, coming from a developing country, for some of the contacts which are alienated by social media, I still have to use the telephone, but still I am happy that it only costs a few dollars to bring a smile out of my face.

Also, the freedom and the amount of time I have at times can be just another reason to be nostalgic. That is why, finding something to fill up my weekly schedule plays a major role. Apart from the school work which always takes much of my time, I take pleasure in involving myself in extra-mural activities. Firstly, I sometimes take time to try and align myself for self-improvement and growth, through following current social issues back in my country and the rest of the world. Secondly, spiritual alignment and growth is key in my life and from it emanate being grateful. And words cannot describe the role played by my spiritual family I met here, which fortunately enough I can always meet with weekly. Last but not least, it is great to be in a place where most facilities are of the best quality. Once in a while I am able to meet and visit some amusement facilities with my friends who are also studying. And weekly I have fun in enjoying practising soccer and sometimes having to go places around the country with the school team.

It is almost a semester remaining to finish my studies, and already I am starting to think of how much I will miss Taiwan once I return to my country. Nonetheless, rest assured it will always be kept in my memories as one of my greatest life experiences.

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