William Joerg Okekini comes from Solomon Islands, a state located across the South Pacific, between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu with a population of about 500,000 people. This is an account of the Islander’s study life at the National Taiwan University.

Classes began on the 17th of September 2007 and this was the beginning of semester one (1) of my two years Master of Science in Agricultural Policy Development and Management at the National Taiwan University (NTU). On this day, I realized that I am a student again since leaving studies in 2003 and studying in an Asian country will be demanding for me. Spending three and half years of work in my country with comfortable relaxed life, from this day, I knew will be the beginning of sleepless nights, listening to professors, completing assignments on time and scratching my head during exams. This is the beginning of journey and the reality of my dream that one day I will be graduated with a Masters degree. This journey will not be easy but tough, while wisdom, knowledge and information is expected to prevail. My country is putting her trust in me to do this program in pursuit of developing and strengthen the agriculture sector for the future prosperity.

I was not aware until my first week at school that I am in the prestigious university of Taiwan. I can tell by the size of the school is so large that you need a bike to take you home after a day of school. I knew this time that the learning environment, facilities and professors are the best the school will offer me and lead me through this road of learning.

My first taste of class at the graduate level, I was not sure on how the level of course content will be. Getting a sting with the Applied Microeconomics, it will be difficult for me since there is a lot of calculus calculation involved and I did not learn this in my previous school times. The content of my Agricultural Economics course done in my first year undergraduate program (BAgric) does not guaranty me to go through this course easily. The courses are very important and applicable to my country’s development. With the Centre for Learning and Teaching, I will be rescued to pass my courses when enrolling to do extra tutoring classes after at my own times. Agricultural Marketing and Efficiency & Productivity Analysis are other courses taken this semester.

Professors are very helpful and above all, friendly that really bound the student-teacher relationship to exist and make learning more effective and efficient. Failing students is not the concept of professors but leading them to achieve their objectives through learning experiences.

The Department of Agricultural Economics has all the learning facilities that any student of all the levels of tertiary learning may need. The computer laboratory opens daily during working hours from 8.30 am to 6.00pm. (The Department of Agricultural Economics Building)

The Department library provides all the necessary books and journals that a scholar of Agricultural Economics may need. Seminar presentations in almost every week provide an avenue for students to learn from professors through look and learn and asking questions on research topics and issues presented. Study rooms are also allocated for me to do my studies: what an extra bonus towards my learning.

The main school library provides more than 3,000,000 books and journals and is the biggest library in Taiwan that you can use. Its location in the school is conducive and opens seven days a week. Library Staff are very helpful and are always willing to help students when looking information. The main computer laboratory opens twenty four (24) hours daily throughout the week and you will find there is a free computer waiting for you to use each time you arrive there.


(NTU Library and the well known Palm Drive road)

Learning another language formally is what I had never thought of. To find learning English is difficult in my early school years, why should Chinese language again. Arriving in Taiwan gives me a chance to learn another language and is like learning about culture and how society interact everyday with life. To me, pronunciations and tones are the most difficult part in learning Chinese language and I find it fun as days go by. At the end of my first year, I hope to speak fluent Chinese language and will make my communication easier while travelling around Taiwan.


The overall university environment and surroundings are conducive for learning, private studies, group discussions and having good time – relaxing. Classmates and local students are very friendly and always willing to help out with my studies.

I am proud to be here at the National Taiwan University because of its academic excellence and friendly learning environment. I would also like to thank all the staff of my Department for making learning easier for me in this University.

(Drunken pound – quite and relaxing)


“To those who are still deciding of which university to choose, CHOOSE NTU”