Taiwan is one of the countries that is excelling in high level education and have sophisticated learning environments. I will discuss the most valuable and the most valueless aspects of Taiwanese education of colleges.

The Most Valuable Aspects of Taiwanese Education:

Creativity: Taiwanese colleges support creativity. This allows the students to think freely and increase their level of commitment in school work, and in general life as well. This can lead to accelerated improvements in technological advancements, lifestyle, economy and many more aspects of life.

The essence of creativity is vital when it comes to real-life problem solving skills. For one can do anything from nothing; with the ability to change, improve, modify, decorate and re-align for better appearance, durability, reliability, ease of use, comfort and cost. Thus creativity is essential for the whole nation.

Ease of Access: Taiwanese colleges are equipped with necessary information and studying materials. This makes it easier to progress with research and experiments and practicals, hence leading to faster growth in knowledge and educational prowess. In addition, the professors are willing to go an extra mile and give help to students who are hungry for more knowledge.

Also, the professors encourage students to be involved in various research projects. This cajoling makes it impossible to resist a research, and make research even more interesting and easy. And, it has been shown that most of the technological improvements come from research projects done at universities, so this is the shortest way to high-level improvements.

Pursuit of Cutting Edge Technology and Methods: The colleges offer the most recent and advanced studies in every subject area. This makes them irresistible in every part of the world. The implementation of new and economical methods makes the colleges an exciting learning environment. In addition, they give studies that solve problems that are current.

This makes instant improvements in industries and hence better quality products and services to the people at large and better economy. Safer vehicles and, more comfortable faster trains and aircrafts can be designed. In addition, durable buildings and more reliable goods can be made.

Availability of Sports and Recreational facilities: This is essential for one to relax his / her mind and refresh. Just like a car engine, the human brain needs to be serviced in order to work at its best, which in this case the service is relaxing. For the mind works best in calm and relaxed environments.

Also sports and recreational activities can only lead to better health, life style, work, internal energy and above all, an unimaginable peace of mind.  For there is nothing more distracting when one is studying more than a tired restless and fatigued mind, for the mind is the main ingredient when someone is in the journey of studying.

Supportive Administration and Staff: There is nothing more encouraging and appealing than studying in a supportive environment. This is the essence of commitment, for you are obliged by virtue to commit yourself in any possible way. The staff is willing to help in any way they can, this makes a student to study at his / her best and give out all his commitment, strength, dedication and concentration.

valueless aspect of Taiwanese education of colleges

I have not seen aspects I can say they are really valueless. But I think Taiwanese colleges should invest more in research projects and make numerous research completion within each school, across the fields of study. This can make many students involved in research and hence they will invite their friends to do so. This can lead to high completion between the students and hence improvements in the world.