My name is John S. Mahlalela, a master student in the department of electrical engineering, National sun Yat Sen University in Taiwan. National sun Yat Sen University is one of more than one hundred institutions of higher learning in Taiwan. These (institutions of higher learning) includes universities alongside technical colleges which contribute by nurturing highly skilled, middle and top level academic talents. In this article I will discuss the valuable and valueless aspects of Taiwanese education in colleges. The values that will be discussed include, Availability of highly qualified and experienced professors and its benefits to students. Benefits of university affiliation to international professional associations will also be discussed including issues of information access and availability of research facilities.

Taiwanese universities boast of highly qualified, experienced and internationally acclaimed educational research professors, in this section I will briefly discuss the advantages of having a qualified/experienced teacher as a student. Experienced teachers are on average more effective in raising student achievement. They (experienced professors) impart world-leading academic and professional credibility to their students. As an example, professors from my department has earned respect from the international educational research community this boosts student’s confidence and adds value to the quality of education one can receive from local (Taiwanese) colleges.

The universities affiliate to professional associations which enables access to top educational research publications and journals for the students. One of the challenges in colleges from other countries is the lack of access to electronic information due lack of internet access or any other kind of electronic service. Studying in Taiwan universities helps students to have quick access to information, information in digital form has functional properties that can save student’s time and provide value.  In addition as a member of these associations/societies, students can become part of the world’s largest community of professionals, i.e. a network of communication and learning where innovators share current progress in research and development. These help students to be up to date with the current progress in their field of study.

 Universities in Taiwan provide high speed internet access in dormitories, libraries and laboratories. Advanced learners are no longer limited by the courses offered in their schools and can obtain the coursework they need through online opportunities. With the accessibility of high speed internet, students has access to information from anywhere around the campus be it dormitory, laboratory and library this enhances the speed of learning. Digital learning is transforming education and online video is at the centre of this transformation. Fast connection speeds allow students to easily form online study groups and work on school projects both in face to face and virtual communities. In Taiwan students enjoy high speed internet at dormitories and can access the resources of their school libraries remotely, including digital videos and high-volume data files.

Many of the larger universities in Taiwan are home to state of the art research facilities, science labs, teaching hospitals and libraries. These facilities attract top researchers and world-renowned professors, giving students the benefit of learning from the best in their field while having access to cutting edge technologies. The state of the art facilities are designed to foster collaborative research with the industries, research plays a major role in ensuring that students are exposed to most recent advances in their field of study.

Considering the above mentioned qualities possessed by Taiwan’s institutions of higher learning, one becomes blind to even recognize the valueless aspect of the quality of education provided by these colleges. The above mentioned aspects are what every aspiring student is looking for, thus I can confidently say Taiwan is best place to pursue your studies.