It’s hard to pick only one “hospitality history” when it comes to Taiwan. Taiwanese people have been so nice and gentle around me since I landed here almost two years ago.

I’m an almost-graduating master's degree student at TNUA in Taipei, and a few months after landing here, I developed a strange problem in my brain (something related to congenital predispositions) which has led me to weird mind reactions in some environments (crowded places, stress moments, etc) and at the worst-case scenarios, it leads me to seizures, which has happened a few times during these two years in Taiwan. It can be triggered up in any place, any moment.

So, in one of those times, I was in a restaurant with a taiwanese friend, and I unexpectedly had a seizure, I lost my consciousness and fell down from my chair into the floor. Immediately, my friend held me and all the other people in the restaurant came to help and called an ambulance. I ended up in hospital, with a truly nice service by nurses and doctors, and other of my taiwanese friends came to visit me and one of them even paid the bill of hospital service for me without telling me while I was asleep. When I woke up, several hours later, I felt like in family.

And it hasn’t happened only once, everytime I’ve been in trouble like this or even in the most simple ones, there is always someone to help you and be your friend. That happens only in Taiwan!

I’ve been so intrigued, curious and excited about taiwanese culture since the first day I came. But the more you get inside taiwanese culture, the more you want to discover and learn from them as human beings. In my opinion, taiwanese collective consciousness should be shared and teached worldwide!

Empathy, solidarity and politeness are everywhere in Taiwan, and that makes it a hard-to-leave place when you’ve been in here for a while.