My name is Astrid I am from Guatemala and I am studying a Master in Cultural and Creative Industries in Taipei National University of the Arts. Before applying to ICDF scholarship and coming to Taiwan I did a little research of the culture, food, landscapes, but I remember I was impressed with all the positive comments about the kindness of  local people and today I can say that I agree with them.  I think Taiwanese people are very kind and are always willing to help. During the time I have been in Taiwan people have helped me when they have the opportunity, I have three little stories about Taiwanese hospitality that I want to share with you.

1) The last year I decided to go with a huge backpack to the airport by MRT, everything was nice until I arrive to the MRT Station which was very full, I was feeling embarrassed because my backpack take a lot of space in the train, but suddenly a girl told me that she will give me her seat so I can be more comfortable with my luggage, I feel very grateful with her.

2) Another short story is that one month ago mistakenly I forgot my wallet on the bench in a busy street, I didn’t realize till the next day, and I went back and could not believe it, my wallet was in the same place with all the money I have the last night, I feel very grateful and astonished by Taiwanese culture.

3) My most touching experience of the Taiwanese hospitality happen when I have less than a week in Taiwan. I Take the University bus for going to the supermarket and a lady sat next to me, she was very friendly and she asked me if I spoke Spanish, 

she felt excited when I answer her in my native language and she started telling me that she spoke Spanish too.  She told me that if I wanted she can invite me to her house and we can have lunch and do language exchange. I was surprised because a lady who had just met me has invited me already to eat at her house. At the beginning I didn’t know what to answer but then I realize that I was in a safe country in which people is nice, so I decided to go. I had a wonderful evening having a good conversation, eating and drinking tea. We are friends since that moment and when we met, she always make me feel at home.