Given such a topic to write on took my mind to all the people and places where i have received hopspitality in Taiwan during my 10 months of being in this wonderful country full of wonderful people. It goes without saying that its so difficult to just pick one special moment when i have had dozens of such experiences while here.

I have tried to find the best definations of hospitality and managed to come up with the following;  “the act, practice, or quality of being hospitable; friendly and solicitous (showing care, attention, concern) to others.”. I also found that Hospitality must come from the heart otherwise it is nothing more than entertainment. I can boldly say that I have seen such a kind of hospitality not also seeing but also experienced it as it touched my heart.

Now let me just draw you to this particular day which amoung other days i think I was offered some kind of touching experience of Taiwanese hospitality. It wa a hot day in January as most days are hot here in Taiwan and we were invited by another Taiwanese friend to go and watch some stunts in her home town in a certain place.


We took our bikes with a friend, well mine a bit old type and requires more effort to get it moving but I  love it though. We pushed them hard to our meeting point with our Taiwanese friend. A bit sweating i kept with the pace of my friend who had a better bike than mine. We travelled till we arrived to the set meeting point.


We then called our Taiwan friend who confirmed coming soon and within a twinkle of an eye she was there with her scooter. Ok now the situation was, she had a scooter, my friend  had a better bike and i had just an old bike not good at all for a steep slope. After a bit of common meeting greating we then decided to set up for our destination, she made it seem so near and said that she will be leading the way with her scooter and we follow with our bikes.


Though it seems a difficult thing to follow a scooter with a bike i tried to show my strength as a man obvious the last one on the line. We turned the first corner, the second, the third and then a steep slope. I felt it in my gastrocnemius muscles and quadriceps that i was nolonger managing to cope with the journey, it was difficult. They tried wait for me but was not getting along at all. I ended up pushing my bike up the slope.


In that midst whereby i was delaying the journey and we were getting late for the start of the event, a good samaritan came towards us with a scooter. Realizing that i was pushing my bike he offered to help me and turn back with us. We said its ok but he insisted, the truth was we indeed needed some help.


He made a plan and pushed me by his scooter going back to the direction he was coming from. It was so humbling. We got moving and moving still he helped me. We travelled for a distance i can estimate to be around 3km till we safely arrived to our destination. He then turned back and left us happy.


I think this is my most touching experience of Taiwanese hospitality, a man aborting his own journey and caring about the welfare of others, not only doing it in possible means but devising a plan to make it possible.


In Taiwan you don't need to have specific friends since everyone is friendly, the people are so willing to help in any possible way. What a place, what a people. Long live Taiwan. Long live the spirit of hospitality (ubuntu).