Before I came to Taiwan, back in my country, the Kingdom of Swaziland, I had the opportunity to meet some Taiwanese people, and they used to say “Ilah Formosa, Taiwan will touch your heart”. When I got the opportunity to come to this beautiful island, I had the longing to get the first-hand experience of what they told me about Taiwan. As I write this article, I have completed about 10 months of my stay in Kaohsiung City, and I can write a book about the hospitality of Taiwan. Indeed, Taiwan has touched my heart.

There is so much to say about the hospitality of this island, although I have stayed in southern Taiwan for a few months but I have felt the warmth and comfort of this place. In this article, I will just give a brief account of my experience in Taiwan; in as far as hospitality is concerned. When I landed at the Kaohsiung International Airport last August, the warm welcome we received from the I-Shou University members of the Volunteer Organization was so immense.


During my first few months here, I had to adapt to the way of life in Taiwan, get used to the food and the climate, which was quite a challenge. However, it took me a few months to adapt to the place, my quick adaptation was facilitated by the hospitality of the Taiwanese people. I have never seen people who are nice as the Taiwanese people. The Taiwanese are selfless, and they can do whatever means possible just to offer assistance to you. This is so humbling because, even those who understand English a little bit, will try to assist you when you are in need of something. The language barrier does not deter them from assisting you, actually, the language barrier has made me to have the eager to learn Chinese, and every Taiwanese is always willing to teach me Chinese.


I have also visited some places in Taiwan in the few months of my stay here, and the few places I have visited are really good. The people are welcoming, the services offered are top class, and in general, these places are so enticing. I have been to Taipei, although I stayed there for a very short time, and did not have time to visit many places there, but I enjoyed the hospitality I received in the few places I managed to visit. I have also been to Tainan, where I visited the “Tree House” and went to the beach at Anping.


In Kaohsiung, I have also visited some places where I had wonderful experiences. I have managed to meet good people, made friends with some Taiwanese. I have been to Cijin Island and visited the British Consulate Museum at the Sizhiwan Bay. I have also been to the E-DA World mall, one of the best shopping mall I have visited so far in Kaohsiung City. I have visited the theme park, where there are various games played. I have also done ice skating for the first time in my life with my Taiwanese friends at E-DA World. In Kaohsiung City, there are good places for bike riding. Since I enjoy bike riding, I have visited the Agongien Reservior several times with my friends where we went for bike riding.


One of the greatest experiences I had in Taiwan was to be able to share my culture with the Taiwanese people. I have had the opportunity to meet the Taiwan Aboriginal people, and shared their culture. Our University also organized the Culture day where we were able to share the Swazi culture to the Taiwanese people.