My name is Samkeliso Mathunjwa from the beautiful, landlocked kingdom of Swaziland. I’m currently doing Medicine at I-Shou University. Swaziland is a small country where smiling faces and hearts are very common to find, bringing out the warmth out of them. Here in Taiwan I found out it’s even more. There is warmth everywhere, and my experience here is just a “wow.” Taiwan is indeed my second home.

From the moment I landed in Taiwan I heard nothing but amazing things from everyone I met about how awesome the Taiwanese are. I was a bit skeptical at first and the intimidating language barrier prevented me from making much of an effort with the locals. I was shocked at the way they are welcoming and accommodating. Taiwan is a country blessed with rich culture, flora and fauna. There are lots of experiences that touched my heart in this beautiful Island. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I’m enjoying myself in Taiwan. Often times, it leaves me emotional and teary-eyed, as I’m touched first of all by the generosity of the Taiwan government in offering scholarship to study in this beautiful Island. My stay has become more than studying, but fulfilling in almost all aspects of my life. Every day you learn new values from Taiwanese people, and for us as foreign students, Taiwan offers a more relaxing and welcoming environment.

Being in Taiwan has surely been nothing but a wonderful learning experience. Since coming here, I’ve had friends who have invited me to their houses affording me the opportunity to learn their culture and tradition, while at the same time improving my Chinese proficiency. Some even cook, and bring out food for us to enjoy and merry. This is why I find it a little bit challenging to find a starting point for this article, sharing the most touching experience of Taiwanese hospitality. Nonetheless, I will try to highlight an experience that have left a mark in my heart. One of our lecturer took us as a voluntary service class for an outdoor at Cijian Island (旗津). What an experience it was! The people there are simply awesome; their hospitality made you want to go there over and over again. They always love it to see you put a smile on your face.

That was the best outing I had undertaken in Taiwan. We made new friends, took pictures, shown around, and it was fun all the way. Most importantly was the way we were treated at the restaurant for supper. What an evening it was? It was so glorious, and they ensured that we had adequate food, and check on us every moment to find out what we need, and ask: “Do you need some more meat?” We were indeed treated like kings and queens. I have made more friends in Taiwan than I did back home. They are wonderful, and very great persons to talk and hang out with. They are very polite and respectful, and that is the quality that most people do not have nowadays.

Taiwan is the perfect place and destination to combine study with pleasure; a place for destinies. In my entire life, I’ve never visited a country where literally everyone wants to go out of their way just to help you. You cannot get lost in Taiwan, because the people are always ready and willing to help, and can even take you to where you’re going themselves without expecting anything in return. I have been deeply touched by the friendliness and hospitality of the people of Taiwan. I can therefore confidently say that I believe Taiwanese are the nicest people in the world.

The generosity of the people is surprising, their acts of kindness and ensuring that we always feel more than welcome, has made my adaptation very easy despite the fact that I’m far from home. I could tell many stories about how Taiwan has touched my heart, but their humbleness is really amazing. I’m inspired. Irregardless of how educated they are, the eager and willingness to help never evaporates; they go all out just to help you. I love Taiwan so much!