Since I came to Taiwan there has been countless time where people has shown hospitality to me, but I have to said the first time I encountered myself in a difficult situation was 3 years ago when I was freshman and I got lost in the middle of Pingtung city without Chinese knowledge, so that time I was standing at a bus stop wondering and from all of sudden one Taiwanese boy came to me and asked me are you student from NPUST (national Pingtung University of Science and Technology) and I answered him yes, he said you look kind of lost I’m a student at this university as well if you want I can help you to get your bus, and he took me all the way to the bus station and that day I remember it was the Moon Festival and he had a whole package of Moon cakes and he gave it to me he said this is traditional in Taiwan so you can have them, I was so grateful that someone save me that day and plus he was so kind of giving me the entire package of moon cakes, Since that time I understood how polite and kind people in Taiwan is, even though I have been away from home, the hospitality that people offer you here in Taiwan makes you feel this is your second home.

After this experience I will have to say the most wonderful and touching experience of Taiwanese hospitality has been getting into the  Taiwan host family program, I was so lucky to get into this program through my university, and I got such a wonderful family they live in Kaohsiung and since then I have been going to their home for all kind of events and trips, the first day we went out they took me to a reunion with their friends that day I had so much fun, because they had karaoke and a lot of food and my family friends they were so nice and curious about me they told me that day any time you want to come to our home you are more than welcome that was the first time, the after that time I had so many opportunities where they show me their hospitality  such as Chinese New Year, that is like a Christmas celebration for western culture, this event is really important for Asian culture and I learned that gathering with all the family and cooking food and sharing all together  is something very significant for their family bonds, they make me feel part of their family and many time they took me to places that I didn’t even know I could be in Kaohsiung. They have offered me a home a place to stay so many times and all the time they go on a trip out of Kaohsiung they invited me and they treat me with so much love.

Now that I’m about to finish my bachelor studies, I’m so grateful I came to Taiwan because even though we have different language, different culture they are always open to show hospitality to foreigners, I have learned to love so much Taiwan and I have so many good memories about Taiwanese friends and my Taiwanese family which has provide me a second home. This experience has broad my way of thinking and now I hope that one day I can show my hospitality the same way Taiwan opened it for me.