It all started when I came to this beautiful and far away country of Taiwan, its approximately 20 hours flight distance from my country El Salvador, and having a high doses of anxiety, not knowing what will be in these faraway lands, I found myself happy and rejoiced with how people here have treated me and made my life far from my family much more comfortable. I remember in the first months I had been living in the beautiful university Yuan Ze, supporting the climax of summer weather (which involved a lot of sweating at that time) I decided to go for a run around the soccer field.

Immediately after I finished 10 laps (or so I want to think I did that much) I just sat on the field trying to catch my breath, by that time I didn’t had the opportunity to make new friends, as always the language barrier was still present in its maximum expression (my only grammar was 你好); so there I was, just sitting when a group of Taiwanese student got near me and said hello, asked me my name and where did I come from (I’m guessing my Latin physical features snitched me out that I was not Asian), I explained that I came from Central America, in which they responded: “ohhh really Americaaa… so good … so good….are you from Texas or Kansas?”,  in which I answered: “well I’m not from the middle part of the country known as America, I’m from the middle part of the continent with the same name”, so I showed them in my cellphone the map of where is located El Salvador, starting from that point they were really interested about my country and they started to ask me about our manners, the weather, the society traditions, and with joy they started to compare them with Taiwanese culture. 

It was a good conversation (about 1 hour long) in which I had the feeling that these people that didn’t know me before were genuinely interested in what I had to say, making me feel accepted. They asked if I wanted to play volleyball with them, I immediately said yes, after a 30 minute intense game (if I remember correctly my team lost but I don’t think it had nothing to do with me being a bad Athlete or I hope so), they invited me to try for the first time a really common drink called Bubble Milk Tea, which by the way was delicious, I spend that night with them talking about all type of topics, getting to know each other and formerly making new personal bonds; this episode was brought to my mind as one of the most greatest experience of hospitality of Taiwanese people I had, and not just because of the conversation, or the good time I spent that night.

It was relevant for me because it came at a time in which I felt overwhelmed and scared of all those changes I had been going through the previous months, leaving behind family, friends and everything a knew so well in my country, the little action of opening up to new persons and making me feel a little bit like home made me realize that having a new life in Taiwan was the best option I could have made, having all these people so nice and welcoming makes your heart grow with a lot of love toward this country that have giving me the opportunity to expand my education and make me have the biggest experience of my life, this society has much to offer and no doubt they will receive a lot of blessing for their actions and programs they have around the world.