Life is somehow meaningless if what one does goes without positive effects on lives of others. Being in Taiwan is one of my most memorable experiences and I cannot achieve it without the peace loving people of Taiwan. The daily kindness has positive effects on my life and I’m grateful. Again, the Taiwanese people hospitality has many lasting impression not only on me, I bet, on many foreigners, I cannot thank them enough. I have had so many touching experience from incredible people, and to choose one from these beautiful experiences is not an easy task, as I have many ‘‘WAAW’’ moments to share. When my acquaintances asked me to designate my Taiwan experience, what first ring a bell is Taiwanese outstanding dedication to service, kindness, patience, and friendliness.

Going through memory lane, I encountered several situations which left me in “awe.” I have had many experiences to share; each one involves some kind of adventure. Here are some of the many undertakings worth sharing: one story about the most touching experience of Taiwanese hospitality, began in my second week in Taiwan when I met an elderly man, inside the bus.

He didn’t have chance to talk to me, but immediately we got off the bus, this man suddenly approached me and asked where I’m from even with a language a barely could understand, he tried. The funny thing was that he did not only stop there; he explained a lot about Taiwanese culture. He then asked if I am learning Chinese and offered me a Taiwanese local snack together with my friends. I was elated but wonder with all the trouble going on around the globe, there are good people still left in this world. Race, language and background doesn't matter most, what matter is ‘‘just give and love, you will receive much more’’!!

This was the very beginning of a beautiful relationship and friendship with many Taiwanese, however there are people that will not appreciate who you are but overall there are many positive experiences I had and I wish I could have all the time to share all the details of the many experiences I had.

Another very touching experience is the bond between my department professors and the students. Especially, my Dr Chang and I, I’m deeply indebted to her outstanding dedication, kindness, patience, and significant contribution to my learning. The support that I received from her has been so overwhelming. The fact of her humbleness, tutelage and love, without any string attached, made my stay in Taiwan unforgettable! Knowing that, Dr Chang took me as one of her own. I know that the way that I see her as my parent, she also see me as her Gambian daughter. I am very grateful having been able to meet because I know that without her and the IHRD people my experience of Taiwan and her culture would have been very different.

These experiences taught me about some of the cultural similarities between The Gambia and Taiwan. Especially how to treat a guest and a foreigner as we always believe ‘‘one good turn deserve another’ ’In my home country, we like to treat guest as family and I strongly believe that everything that goes around comes around. So it was that way for me, living in Taiwan. I just graduated from NTNU with a master’s degree in International Human Resource Development. I can certainly say that my perception now about this beautiful Island of Taiwan, her people and culture is different from before I came, I can certainly say that I finally managed to live as a local Taiwanese and I loved it.

After these two years’ experience I can see myself going back home as a different woman with new found appreciation for things that didn't matter, wiser, more mature , and intelligent. I think I am blessed and I will continue to embrace my experiences and explore. Thank you once again to everyone for contributing immensely to this life changing experiences. 謝謝你