Coming to Taiwan has definitely been more than I expected. I have gained so much knowledge, experience and benefited from the cultural exchange with the Taiwanese people. Taiwan is a unique country and I can wholeheartedly say that Taiwan is the heart of Asia. Taiwanese have a heart of gold; I have never seen so much good and respect in a society. It is hard for me to describe a single event or experience to resume Taiwanese hospitality because I find kindness in my daily interactions with Taiwanese people. Despite this, I will try to describe some of the events that have deeply touched me.

The first days I arrived Taiwan everything was new and different for me. Going to a new environment and not knowing what to expect can be nerve-wracking. Fortunately, I had the support of my loving project manager Tracy.  She has been and continues to be an angel in my life. She helped us first year ICDF students with the paperwork, introduced us to the culture, and helped us with the adaptation process. She has gone above and beyond the job of a manager; she has become a friend and family here in Taiwan. It is not easy to develop that deep connection and trust with someone; but she has been so open, kind and caring that I know she’ll be there whenever I need anything.

I am fortunate and blessed to attend National Taiwan Normal University; it is a great place to study and learn. I’m also lucky to be part of the International Human Resource Development Graduate Program. I have the opportunity to learn in a warm and open environment.  I’ve met some of the best people at my school. Ever since we met, my classmates have been kind supportive, and friendly. I remember my first week in Taiwan I had to buy a new laptop. Seven of my classmates helped me and took with me to the computer market. They were so patient and accompanied to every store to find the best options. They also helped me find discounts; I will be forever grateful for the great service they offered me.

National Taiwan Normal University is a wonderful place to learn Chinese. There are so many students willing to help international students who are learning Chinese.  I have found many great friends among the volunteer tutors. They have always been accepting and friendly with me. They have helped me with my Chinese homework, pronunciation, and conversation. These tutors have been in contact with many Chinese learners and know how to identify each student’s needs. Many of them belong to the “teaching Chinese as a Second Language” department and are experienced teachers.

I have no doubt I am receiving great education with good teaching methods. Many times, we go out for lunch and talk about daily things. They have helped me improve my Chinese and are always willing to listen my stories.  I feel very comfortable with them because despite my bad Chinese, they are not judgmental and have helped me build my confidence communicating in Chinese.

I cannot express with words the gratitude I feel towards Taiwanese people. It is because of them that I have the opportunity to study abroad and experience a different culture. I feel deeply touched to have received so much kindness, respect and support.  I have learned so much from this culture and I am taking the positive things and applying them to my life. Once, someone or something touches your life in a special way it is hard to forget it. I will always cherish and treasure Taiwanese hospitality and kindness in my heart.